Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M63: Unconformities and Porosity in Carbonate Strata

Edited by D. A. Budd, A. H. Saller, P. M. Harris


Chapter 1: Controls and Effects of Subaerial Exposure on Cementation and Development of Secondary Porosity in the Subsurface of Great Bahama Bank
David K. Beach

Chapter 2: Early Diagenesis of Pleistocene Carbonates from a Hydrogeochemical Point of View, Irabu Island, Ryukyu Islands: Porosity Changes Related to Early Carbonate Diagenesis
Hiroki Matsuda, Yoshihiro Tsuji, Nobuyuki Honda, and Jun-ichi Saotome

Chapter 3: Karst Development on Carbonate Islands
John E. Mylroie and James L. Carew

Chapter 4: Geochemical Models for the Origin of Macroscopic Solution Porosity in Carbonate Rocks
Arthur N. Palmer

Chapter 5: Interplay of Water-Rock Interaction Efficiency, Unconformities, and Fluid Flow in a Carbonate Aquifer: Floridan Aquifer System
Harris Cander

Chapter 6: Regional Exposure Events and Platform Evolution of Zhujiang Formation Carbonates, Pearl River Mouth Basin: Evidence from Primary and Diagenetic Seismic Facies
Eva P. Moldovanyi, F. M. Wall, and Zhang Jun Yan

Chapter 7: Porosity Development and Diagenesis in the Orfento Supersequence and Its Bounding Unconformities (Upper Cretaceous, Montagna Della Maiella, Italy)
M. Mutti

Chapter 8: Unconformity-Related Porosity Development in the Quintuco Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Neuquén Basin, Argentina
Neil F. Hurley, Haydn C. Tanner, and Carlos Barcat

Chapter 9: Reservoir Degradation and Compartmentalization below Subaerial Unconformities: Limestone Examples from West Texas, China, and Oman
P. D. Wagner, D. R. Tasker, and G. P. Wahlman

Chapter 10: The Post-Rotliegend Reservoirs of Auk Field, British North Sea: Subaerial Exposure and Reservoir Creation
Volker C. Vahrenkamp

Chapter 11: Multiple Karst Events Related to Stratigraphic Cyclicity: San Andres Formation, Yates Field, West Texas
S. W. Tinker, J. R. Ehrets, and M. D. Brondos

Chapter 12: Identification of Subaerial Exposure Surfaces and Porosity Preservation in Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Shelf Limestones, Eastern Central Basin Platform, Texas
J. A. D. Dickson and Arthur H. Saller

Chapter 13: Recognition and Significance of an Intraformational Unconformity in Late Devonian Swan Hills Reef Complexes, Alberta
Jack Wendte and Iain Muir

Chapter 14: Lower Paleozoic Cavern Development, Collapse, and Dolomitization, Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas
F. Jerry Lucia

Chapter 15: H2S-Related Porosity and Sulfuric Acid Oil-Field Karst
Carol A. Hill