Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M67: Seals, Traps, & the Petroleum System

Edited by R.C. Surdam

About the Editor, Acknowledgments, and Foreword

Section I Seal Characteristics: Processes Controlling Sealing Capacity

Comparison of Seal Capacity Determinations: Core vs. Cuttings
R.M. Sneider, J. S. Sneider, G.W. Bolger, and J.W. Neasham

Oil Saturation in Shales: Applications in Seal Evaluation
R.A. Noble, J.G. Kaldi, and C.D. Atkinson

Seal Capacity of Nonsmectite Shale
J.T. Krushin

Delineation of a Pressure Fault Seal from Shale Resistivities
J.C. Niemann and M.R. Krolow

Section II Traps: Hydrocarbon Seals in a Regional Context

Seal Strength vs. Trap Closure -- A Fundamental Control on the Distribution of Oil and Gas
J.K. Sales

Evaluating Seal Potential: Example from the Talang Akar Formation, Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia
J.G. Kaldi and C.D. Atkinson

Microstructures and Diagenesis in North Sea Fault Zones: Implications for Fault-Seal Potential and Fault Migration Rates
S.J. Hippler

Organic Geochemistry of Cap-Rock Hydrocarbons, Snorre Field, Norwegian North Sea
T.L. Leith and A. E. Fallick

Fault Leak Controlled Trap Fill: Rift Basin Examples
D. M. Allard

Capillary Seals Within the Eromanga Basin, Australia: Implications for Exploration and Production
P.J. Boult, P.N. Theologou, and J. Foden

Reservoir Characterization of Cretaceous Mardin Group Carbonates in Bölükya-Cukurtas and Karakus Oil Fields, SE Turkey: A Petrographic and Petrophysical Comparison of Overthrust and Foreland Zones
K. Uygur, H. Is, and M.A. Yükler

Section III Pressure Seals and Fluid Compartments

Anomalously Pressured Gas Compartments in Cretaceous Rocks of the Laramide Basins of Wyoming: A New Class of Hydrocarbon Accumulation
R.C. Surdam, Z.S. Jiao, and H.P. Heasler

Stratigraphic Controls on the Development and Distribution of Fluid-Pressure Compartments
R.S. Martinsen

Characteristics of the Anomalously Pressured Cretaceous Shales in the Laramide Basins of Wyoming
Z.S. Jiao and R.C. Surdam

A Pore-Pressure Limit in Overpressured South Texas Oil and Gas Fields
T. Engelder and J.T. Leftwich

Seismic Response Characteristics of a Regional-Scale Pressure Compartment Boundary, Alberta Basin, Canada
D.T. Maucione and R.C. Surdam

A New Paradigm for Gas Exploration in Anomalously Pressured "Tight Gas Sands" in Rocky Mountain Laramide Basins
R.C. Surdam


Evaluating Seal Facies Permeability and Fluid Content from Drill-Stem Test Data
H.W. Reid