Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M76: Pressure Regimes in Sedimentary Basins and Their Prediction

Edited by Alan Huffman and Glenn Bowers

Chapter 1: Comparision of Overpressure Magnitude Resulting from the Main Generating Mechanisms
Richard E. Swarbrick, Mark J. Osborne, and Gareth S. Yardley

Chapter 2: The Interrelationships between Overpressure Mechanisms and In-Situ Stresses
T. W. Miller, C. H. Luk, and D. L. Olgaard

Chapter 3: The Primary Controls over Sediment Compaction
Phil Holbrook

Chapter 4: Critical-Porosity Models
Jack Dvorkin, and Amos Nur

Chapter 5: The Role of Shale Pore Structure on the Sensitivity of Wire-Line Logs to Overpressure
G. L. Bowers and T. John Katsube

Chapter 6: Impact of Smectite Diagenesis on Compaction Modeling and Compaction Equilibrium
Richard Lahann

Chapter 7: Effect of Gas on Poroelastic Response to Burial or Erosion
K. W. Katahara and J. D. Corrigan

Chapter 8: Relationships between Pore Pressure and Stress in Different Tectonic Settings
Najwa Yassir and M. Anthony Addis

AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 9: Pore-Pressure Estimation in an Active Thrust Region and Its Impact on Exploration and Drilling
Allison Hennig, Najwa Yassir, M. Anthony Addis, and Andrew Warrington

Chapter 10: Geological Controls and Variability in Pore Pressure in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
Michael A. Smith

Chapter 11: An Easily Derived Overburden Model Is Essential for the Prediction of Pore-Pressure Gradients and Fracture Gradients for Wildcat Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico
Fred R. Holasek

Chapter 12: Fracture-Gradient Predictions in Depleted Sands in the Gulf Coast Sedimentary Basin
Baldeo Singh and Nelson Emery

Chapter 13: Consolidation State, Permeability, and Stress Ratio as Determined from Uniaxial Strain Experiments on Mudstone Samples from the Eugene Island 330 Area, Offshore Louisiana
Beth B. Stump and Peter B. Flemings

AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 14: Method for Determining Regional Force-Balanced Loading and Unloading Pore-Pressure Regimes and Applying Them in Well Planning and Real-Time Drilling
Phil Holbrook

Chapter 15: Forward Modeling of Log Response in Geopressured Formations Reveals Valuable Insights to the Various Pore-Pressure Prediction Techniques
J. C. Rasmus

Chapter 16: Pore Pressure ahead of the Bit: An Integrated Approach
Nader C. Dutta, William H. Borland, W. Scott Leaney, Richard Meehan, and W. Les Nutt

Chapter 17: SubSea MudLift Drilling: A New Technology for Ultradeep-Water Environments
Kenneth L. Smith and Allen D. Gault

Chapter 18: Velocity Estimation for Pore-Pressure Prediction
David W. Bell

Chapter 19: Pressure Regimes in Sedimentary Basins and Their Prediction Using Geophysical Methods
Alan R. Huffman