Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M79: The Circum-Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean: Hydrocarbon Habitats, Basin Formation, and Plate Tectonics

Edited by C. Bartolini, R. T. Buffler, and J. Blickwede

Controls on the Deposition of Upper Cretaceous Organic Carbon-rich Rocks from Costa Rica to Suriname
R. N. Erlich, T. Villamil, J. Keens-Dumas

Tectonostratigraphic Evidence for the Origin of the Gulf of Mexico
Emile A. Pessagno, Jr., Christopher Martin

The Conflicting Paleontologic versus Stratigraphic Record of the Formation of the Caribbean Seaway
Manuel A. Iturralde-Vinent

Early Paleogene Isolation of the Gulf of Mexico from the World's Oceans? Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Eustasy
Joshua Rosenfeld, James Pindell

Geological Constraints for the Geodynamic Evolution of the Southern Margin of the Caribbean Plate
Giuseppe Giunta, Michele Marroni, Elisa Padoa, Luca Pandolfi

No Oceanic Plateau--No Caribbean Plate? The Seminal Role of an Oceanic Plateau in Caribbean Plate Evolution
Andrew C. Kerr, Rosalind V. White, Patricia M. E. Thompson, John Tarney, Andrew D. Saunders

Paleokarst in the Marginal Cretaceous Rocks, Gulf of Mexico
Baldomero Carrasco-V.

Tectonic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western Margin of the Gulf of Mexico in the Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic: Less Passive than Previously Imagined
Andrew D. Horbury, Stephen Hall, Francisco González-P., Dioniso Rodríguez-F., Armando Reyes-F., Patricia Ortiz-G., Martín Martínez-M., Guillermo Quintanilla-R.

The Origin of the Gulf of Mexico Basin and its Petroleum Subbasins in Mexico, Based on Red Bed and Salt Palynostratigraphy
Jaime Rueda-Gaxiola

Lithologic Control on Matrix Porosity in Shallow-marine Cretaceous Reservoir Limestones: A Study of the Peñuela Reservoir Outcrop Analogue (Cordoba Platform, Southeastern Mexico)
H. Ferket, S. Ortuño-Arzate, F. Roure, R. Swennen

The Tithonian (Upper Jurassic) Edzna Formation, An Important Hydrocarbon Reservoir of the Campeche Shelf, Gulf of Mexico
Abelardo Cantú-Chapa, Enrique Ortuño-Maldonado

Heterogeneity of Lithoclast Composition in the Deep-water Carbonate Breccias of the K/T Boundary Sedimentary Succession, Southeastern Mexico and Offshore Campeche
J. M. Grajales-Nishimura, G. Murillo-Muñetón, C. Rosales-Domínguez, E. Cedillo-Pardo, J. García-Hernández

Subsurface Mapping and Structural Elements of the Top Jurassic in Eastern Mexico (Poza Rica and Tampico Districts)
Abelardo Cantú-Chapa

Economic Potential of the Yucatan Block of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize
Joshua H. Rosenfeld

Gas Generation Potential of Upper Jurassic (Tithonian) Source Rocks in the Sonda de Campeche, Mexico
Demetrio Santamaría-Orozco, Brian Horsfield

Stratigraphic Evolution of Latest Cretaceous to Early Tertiary Difunta Foreland Basin in Northeast Mexico: Influence of Salt Withdrawal on Tectonically Induced Subsidence by the Sierra Madre Oriental Fold and Thrust Belt
Kristian Soegaard (Deceased), Hongzhuan Ye, Nanang Halik, Angela T. Daniels, John Arney, Scott Garrick

Coalbed Methane Resources of the Sabinas Basin, Coahuila, Mexico
Samuel Eguiluz de Antuñano, Natalia Amezcua Torres

Cretaceous (Aptian-Cenomanian) Gastropods of Mexico and their Biogeographic Implications
B. E. Buitrón-Sánchez, C. Gómez-Espinosa

Lower Eocene Large Ostreids from the Viento Formation; Stratigraphic and Paleoecologic Implications for the La Popa Basin, Nuevo León, Mexico
María del Carmen Perrilliat, Francisco J. Vega

Geochronology, Geochemistry, and Tectonic Setting of the Mesozoic Nazas Arc in North-Central Mexico, and its Continuation to Northern South America
Claudio Bartolini, Harold Lang, Terry Spell

Permian Continental and Marine Biota of South-Central Mexico: A Synthesis
A. Silva-Pineda, B. Buitrón-Sánchez, J. Arellano-Gil, D. Vachard, Joel Ramírez

Late Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs in the Cordoba Platform and Veracruz Basin, Eastern Mexico
Salvador Ortuño-Arzate, Helga Ferket, Marie-Christine Cacas, Rudy Swennen, Franois Roure

The Minas Viejas Formation (Oxfordian) in the Area of Galeana, Northeastern Mexico: Significance of Syndepositional Volcanism and Related Barite Genesis in the Sierra Madre Oriental
Karsten F. Kroeger, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck

Lithospheric Structure and Supracrustal Hydrocarbon Systems, Offshore Eastern Trinidad
Stefan S. Boettcher, J. L. Jackson, M. J. Quinn, J. E. Neal

Stratigraphic Constraints on the Late JurassicCretaceous Paleotectonic Interpretations of the Placetas Belt in Cuba
Andrzej Pszczółkowski, Ryszard Myczyński

K/T Boundary Deposits in the Paleo-western Caribbean Basin
Ryuji Tada, Manuel A. Iturralde-Vinent, Takafumi Matsui, Eiichi Tajika, Tatsuo Oji, Kazuhisa Goto, Yoichiro Nakano, Hideo Takayama, Shinji Yamamoto, Shoichi Kiyokawa, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Dora García-Delgado, Consuelo Díaz-Otero, Reinaldo Rojas-Consuegra

Sedimentology and Tectonic Evolution of the Cretaceous Rocks of Central Jamaica: Relationships to the Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Caribbean
Simon F. Mitchell

Lower Cretaceous Pelagic Limestones in Southern Belize: Proto-Caribbean deposits on the Southeastern Maya Block
A. Schafhauser, W. Stinnesbeck, B. Holland, T. Adatte, J. Remane

Gravity Constraints on the Crustal Structure of Central America
Kevin Mickus

Lateral Changes of Frontal Accretion and Mud Volcanism Processes in the Barbados Accretionary Prism and Some Implications
E. Deville, A. Mascle, S.-H. Guerlais, C. Decalf, B. Colletta1

Petroleum System of the Cuban Northwest Offshore Zone
I. Moretti, R. Tenreyro, E. Linares, J. G. Lopez, J. Letouzey, C. Magnier, F. Gaumet, J. C. Lecomte, J. O. Lopez, S. Zimine

Regional Hydrocarbon Systems of Colombia and Western Venezuela: Their Origin, Potential, and Exploration
Tomas Villamil

Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution of the Maturin Foreland Basin: Eastern Venezuela
Maria I. Jacome, Nick Kusznir, Felipe Audemard, Steve Flint

Petroleum Systems and Reservoir Appraisal in the Sub-Andean Basins (Eastern Venezuela and Eastern Colombian Foothills)
François Roure, Nathalie Bordas-Lefloch, Jaime Toro, Charles Aubourg, Nicole Guilhaumou, Elisabeth Hernandez, Sophie Lecornec-Lance, Carlos Rivero, Philippe Robion, William Sassi

Structural Evolution of the Sinu-Lower Magdalena Area (Northern Colombia)
J. F. Flinch

The Petroleum System of the Rubio Area, Mrida Andes, Venezuela
Enrique Novoa, Angel Gonzalez, Carmen Zambrano, Claudia Fintina, Oswaldo Gallango

Tectonic Assembly of the Northern Andean Block
Fabio Cediel, Robert P. Shaw, Carlos Cáceres

Three-dimensional Structure and Kinematics of the Piedras-Girardot Fold Belt: Surface Expression of Transpressional Deformation in the Northern Andes
Camilo Montes, Pedro A. Restrepo-Pace, Robert D. Hatcher Jr.

Upper Eocene Limestones, Associated Sequence Boundary, and Proposed Eocene Tectonics in Eastern Venezuela
B. B. Sageman, R. C. Speed

Stratigraphical and Sedimentological Constraints on Western Colombia: Implications on the Evolution of the Caribbean Plate
Mario Moreno Sanchez, Andrés Pardo-Trujillo

The Peripheral Bulge of the Interior Range of the Eastern Venezuela Basin and its Impact on Oil Accumulations
Peter Bartok

Petroleum Systems in the Rubio and Burgua Depressions, Venezuela
Angel Francisco Callejón, Marino Ostos, Franklin Yoris, Henry Briceño, Suhas Talukdar, Rafael Lander

Biogenic Gas Potential Offshore Guajira Peninsula, Colombia
Barry Katz, Kenneth Williams

Paleomagnetic Results from the Perij Mountains, Venezuela: An Example of Vertical Axis Rotation
Wulf A. Gose, Adrián Perarnau, Jesús Castillo