Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M92: Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log Technology

Edited by M. Poppelreiter, C. Garcia-Carballido, and M. Kraaijveld

Chapter 2: Borehole Image Tool Design, Value of Information, and Tool Selection
J. O. Lagraba P., S. M. Hansen, M. Spalburg, and M. Helmy

Chapter 5: Applications of Dipmeter and Borehole Image Data in Static Models
M. Pöppelreiter, R. A. Crookbain, A. K. Sapru, and M. J. F. Lawrence

Chapter 6: Geomechanical Wellbore Imaging: Key to Managing the Asset Life Cycle
C. Barton and D. Moos

Chapter 7: Reduction of Gross Rock Volume Uncertainty in a Salt Flank Structure Using Dipmeter and Image Log Data
C. García-Carballido, A. Styles, and M. Pöppelreiter

Chapter 8: Applications of Oil-base Mud Earth Imager for a High-temperature and High-pressure Exploration Well
R. Maddock and R. Ravnas

Chapter 9: The Application of Borehole Image Logs to Fluvial Facies Interpretation
M. E. Donselaar and J. M. Schmidt

Chapter 10: Calibrating Borehole Image and Dipmeter Logs with Outcrops and Behind-outcrop Cores: Case Studies and Applications to Deep-water Deposits
R. M. Slatt and R. J. Davis

Chapter 11: Turbidite Channel Architecture: Recognizing and Quantifying the Distribution of Channel-base Drapes Using Core and Dipmeter Data
M. Barton, C. O'Byrne, C. Pirmez, B. Prather, F. van der Vlugt, F. O. Alpak, and Z. Sylvester

Chapter 12: A 3-D Fracture Model of the Kuyumba Oil Field (Eastern Siberia) Reflecting the Clay and Bed Thickness-related Fracture-density Variations of its Dolomite Reservoir
L. Mattioni, A. Chauveau, O. Fonta, V. Ryabchenko, E. Sokolov, R. Mukhametzyanov, S. Shlionkin, V. Zereninov, and I. Bobb

Chapter 13: High-resolution Electrical Borehole Images While Drilling
J. Lofts and S. Morris

Chapter 14: Borehole Image Three-dimensional Visualization and Interpretation in SVS Fracture Solutions
P. Richard and L. de Pieri

Chapter 15: Stress, Fracture, and Fluid-flow Analysis Using Acoustic and Electrical Image Logs in Hot Fractured Granites of the Coso Geothermal Field, California, U.S.A.
N. C. Davatzes and S. H. Hickman

Chapter 16: Application of a Modern Electrical Borehole Imager and a New Image Interpretation Technique to Evaluate the Porosity and Permeability in Carbonate Reservoirs: A Case History from the Permian Basin, United States
V. D. Chitale, C. Johnson, D. Entzminger, and L. Canter

Chapter 17: Porosity Partitioning and Permeability Quantification in Vuggy Carbonates, Permian Basin, West Texas, U.S.A.
C. Xu

Chapter 18: Borehole Image and Production Logging Drives Well Interventions in Horizontal Gas-oil Gravity Drainage Wells in a Giant Middle Eastern Carbonate Field
E. Follows, A. Beck, A. Farmer, S. Al Salmi, G. de Bruijn, L. de Pieri, and R. Welling

Chapter 19: Interpretation and Application of Borehole Image Logs in a New Generation of Reservoir Models for a Cluster of Fields in Southern Oman

A. Samantray, M. Kraaijveld, W. Bulushi, and L. Spring