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M97: Shale Reservoirs—Giant Resources for the 21st Century

Edited by J.A. Breyer

Frontmatter and Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 1: Shale Resource Systems for Oil and Gas: Part 1—Shale-gas Resource Systems
Daniel M. Jarvie

Chapter 1: Shale Resource Systems for Oil and Gas: Part 2—Shale-oil Resource Systems
Daniel M. Jarvie

Chapter 2: Pore-to-regional-scale Integrated Characterization Workflow for Unconventional Gas Shales
Roger M. Slatt, Paul R. Philp, Younane Abousleiman, Prerna Singh, Roderick Perez, Romina Portas, Kurt J. Marfurt, Steven Madrid-Arroyo, Neal O'Brien, Eric Eslinger, Elizabeth T. Baruch

Chapter 3: A Method for Evaluating the Effects of Confining Stresses and Rock Strength on Fluid Flow along the Surfaces of Mechanical Discontinuities in Low-permeability Rocks
Milton B. Enderlin, Helge Alsleben

Chapter 4: The Appalachian Basin Marcellus Gas Play: Its History of Development, Geologic Controls on Production, and Future Potential as a World-class Reservoir
William A. Zagorski, Gregory R. Wrightstone, Douglas C. Bowman

Chapter 5: Resource Assessment of the Marcellus Shale
Richard Smosna, Kathy R. Bruner

Chapter 6: Geologic Model for the Assessment of Technically Recoverable Oil in the Devonian–Mississippian Bakken Formation, Williston Basin
Richard M. Pollastro, Laura N. R. Roberts, Troy A. Cook

Chapter 7: Ancient Microbial Gas in the Upper Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Alberta and Saskatchewan: A Large Continuous Accumulation in Fine-grained Rocks
Neil S. Fishman, Jennie L. Ridgley, Debra K. Higley, Michele L. W. Tuttle, Donald L. Hall

Chapter 8: Carbonate Lithologies of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
Kitty L. Milliken, Ruarri J. Day-Stirrat, Petro K. Papazis, Christian Dohse

Chapter 9: Lithology of the Barnett Shale (Mississippian), Southern Fort Worth Basin, Texas
Philip J. Bunting, John A. Breyer

Chapter 10: Shale Wedges and Stratal Architecture, Barnett Shale (Mississippian), Southern Fort Worth Basin, Texas
Rachael M. Monroe, John A. Breyer

Chapter 11: Lithologic and Stratigraphic Variation in a Continuous Shale-gas Reservoir: The Barnett Shale (Mississippian), Fort Worth Basin, Texas
John A. Breyer, Philip J. Bunting, Rachael M. Monroe, Michael B. Steed

Chapter 12: Outcrop-behind Outcrop (Quarry): Multiscale Characterization of the Woodford Gas Shale, Oklahoma
Roger M. Slatt, Nichole Buckner, Younane Abousleiman, Rafael Sierra, Paul R. Philp, Andrea Miceli-Romero, Romina Portas, Neal O'Brien, Minh Tran, Robert Davis, Timothy Wawrzyniec

Chapter 13: Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of the Barnett Shale and Ellenburger Unconformity Southwest of the Core Area of the Newark East Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
Elizabeth T. Baruch, Roger M. Slatt, Kurt J. Marfurt

Chapter 14: Petrophysics in Gas Shales
Eric Eslinger, Robert V. Everett