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SG29: The Trenton Group (Upper Ordovician Series) of Eastern North America

Edited by Brian D. Keith

Title Page


Regional Facies of Upper Ordovician Series of Eastern North America: Chapter 1
Brian D. Keith

Stratigraphic and Environmental Relationships of Middle and Upper Ordovician Rocks in Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama: Chapter 2
Burchard D. Carter, Timothy M. Chowns

Trenton Limestone Fracture Reservoirs in Lee County, Southwestern Virginia: Chapter 3
Charles S. Bartlett

Middle and Late Ordovician Shelf Activation and Foredeep Evolution, Central Appalachian Orogen: Chapter 4
Gary G. Lash

Cyclic Sedimentation Patterns in the Middle and Upper Ordovician Trenton Group of Central Pennsylvania: Chapter 5
Mary Anne Gardiner-Kuserk

Facies of the Trenton Group of New York: Chapter 6
Robert Titus

Bioclastic Turbidites in the Trenton Limestone: Significance and Criteria for Recognition: Chapter 7
Charlotte J. Mehrtens

Deposition in the Oxygen-Deficient Taconic Foreland Basin, Late Ordovician: Chapter 8
Bernward Josef Hay, John L. Cisne

Overview of Trenton Exploration and Development in New York State: Chapter 9
Donald Joseph Drazan

Comparison of Foreland Basin Sequences: The Trenton Group in Southern Quebec and Central New York: Chapter 10
Charlotte J. Mehrtens

Geology of the Trenton Limestone in Northwestern Ohio: Chapter 11
Lawrence H. Wickstrom, John D. Gray

Six Potential Trapping Plays in the Ordovician Trenton Limestone, Northwestern Ohio: Chapter 12
Alan H. Coogan, Marilyn Maxey Parker

A Case Study for Exploration and Development of the Trenton Reservoir in Northwest Ohio: Chapter 13
D. W. Caprarotta, L. A. Schrider, M. A. Natoli, W. K. Sawyer

Trenton Exploration and Wrenching Tectonics--Michigan Basin and Environs: Chapter 14
C. E. Prouty

Cave Levels of the Trenton-Black River Formations in Central Southern Michigan: Chapter 15
Ronald J. DeHaas, Merlin W. "Casey" Jones

Reservoirs Resulting from Facies-Independent Dolomitization: Case Histories from the Trenton and Black River Carbonate Rocks of the Great Lakes Area: Chapter 16
Brian D. Keith

Depositional Facies and Diagenetic History of the Trenton Limestone in Northern Indiana: Chapter 17
Daniel R. Fara, Brian D. Keith

The Granville Pay Zone: A Shallow Upper Ordovician Limestone Reservoir in the Lexington Limestone of South-Central Kentucky: Chapter 18
Michael P. Sullivan, Wayne A. Pryor