Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

SG48 (AAPG Studies in Geology No. 48 / SEG Geophysical References Series No. 11): Surface Exploration Case Histories: Applications of Geochemistry, Magnetics, and Remote Sensing

Edited by Dietmar Schumacher and Leonard A. LeSchack


Chapter 1: Interpretation and Display of Surface Geochemical Data
Ronald W. Klusman

Chapter 2: Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Delineation of Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways Using Seeps and Seismic Imaging
Kenneth C. Hood, L. M. Wenger, O. P. Gross, and S. C. Harrison

Chapter 3: Case Studies Relating Soil-iodine Geochemistry to Subsequent Drilling Results
Jay S. Leaver and M. Ray Thomasson

Chapter 4: Integrated Microbial and 3-D Seismic Surveys Discover Park Springs (Conglomerate) Field and Track Microseepage Reduction
Daniel C. Hitzman, Brooks A. Rountree, James D. Tucker, and Sam Smith

Chapter 5: High-resolution Ground-magnetic (HRGM) and Radiometric Surveys for Hydrocarbon Exploration: Six Case Histories in Western Canada
Leonard A. LeSchack and David R. Van Alstine

Chapter 6: Soil-gas Hydrocarbon Pattern Changes During a West Texas Waterflood
Gary K. Rice, John Q. Belt Jr., and George E. Berg

Chapter 7: Successful Application of Micromagnetic Data to Focus Hydrocarbon Exploration
James A. Wolleben and David W. Greenlee

Chapter 8: Numerically Reconstructed Methane-seep Signal in Soil Gases over Devonian Gas Pools and Prospects (Northeast British Columbia): Surface Microseeps and Postsurvey Discovery
Hans H. von der Dick, Kent R. Barrett, and Dane A. Bosman

Chapter 9: Combined Geologic and Surface Geochemical Methods Used to Discover Agaritta, Brady Creek, Selden, and New Year '95 Fields, Concho County, Texas, U.S.A.
D. F. Saunders, K. R. Burson, J. J. Brown, and C. K. Thompson

Chapter 10: Radiometric Surveys of the Redwater Oil Field, Alberta: Early Surface Exploration Case Histories Suggest Mechanisms for the Development of Hydrocarbon-related Geochemical Anomalies
D. B. Sikka and R. B. K. Shives

Chapter 11: Assessment of Subsurface Hydrocarbon Contamination Resulting from Multiple Releases at Six Former Bulk-fuel Storage and Distribution Terminals, Austin, Texas: A Case Study
Patrick N. Agostino, Rufus J. LeBlanc Jr., and Victor T. Jones III

Chapter 12: The Role of Satellite Seep Detection in Exploring the South Atlantic's Ultradeep Water
Alan Williams and Geoff Lawrence

Chapter 13: Integrated Analysis of High-resolution Aeromagnetic (HRAM) and RADARSAT-1 Imagery for Exploration in Mature and Frontier Basins
Zeev Berger, Jim Davies, and Robin T. Thompson

Chapter 14: Mitigation of Drilling Risk with Near-surface Hydrocarbon Detection, a Case Study: Gulf of Suez, Egypt
J. L. Gevirtz and J. M. Vargo

Chapter 15: Numerical Identification of Microseeps in Surface Soil Gases of Western Venezuela, and Its Significance for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Francisco Callejon and Hans H. von der Dick

Chapter 16: Characterizing Hydrocarbon Migration and Fault-seal Integrity in Australia's Timor Sea via Multiple, Integrated Remote-sensing Technologies
Geoffrey W. O'Brien, Robert Cowley, Paul Quaife, and Michael Morse

Chapter 17: Surface Hydrocarbon Characterization of Kinsale Head Gas Field, Celtic Sea, Offshore Ireland
J. L. Gevirtz

Chapter 18: A New Exploration Approach in a Mature Basin: Integration of 3-D Seismic, Remote-sensing, and Microtectonic Data, Southern Vienna Basin, Austria
H. Hausler, D. Leber, H. Peresson, and W. Hamilton

Chapter 19: Case Histories of Microbial Prospection for Oil and Gas, Onshore and Offshore in Northwest Europe
Manfred Wagner, Martin Wagner, Joachim Piske, and Robert Smit