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SG63: Anatomy of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir: Fullerton Clear Fork (Lower Permian) Field, Permian Basin, Texas

Edited by Stephen C. Ruppel

Frontmatter (PDF)

Introduction: Summary of Reservoir Characterization Studies in the Fullerton Clear Fork Reservoir
Stephen C. Ruppel

Chapter 1: Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy: Critical Tools for Reservoir Framework Definition, Fullerton Clear Fork Reservoir, Texas
Stephen C. Ruppel and Rebecca R. Harrington

Chapter 2: Integration of Rock Fabrics and Stratigraphy for Petrophysical Quantification of Reservoir Framework
Rebecca R. Harrington and F. Jerry Lucia

Chapter 3: Developing a Wireline-Log Database and a Basis for Determining Reservoir Porosity
Jeffrey A. Kane and James W. Jennings Jr.

Chapter 4: Calculation of Permeability and Initial Water Saturations from Wireline Logs in a Mature Carbonate Reservoir
F. Jerry Lucia and Jeffrey A. Kane

Chapter 5: Construction and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Seismic Porosity Inversion Models
Hongliu Zeng

Chapter 6: Reservoir Modeling and Simulation of the Fullerton Clear Fork Reservoir, Andrews County, Texas
Fred P. Wang and F. Jerry Lucia

Appendix 1: Plates
Stephen C. Ruppel

Appendix 2: Core Analysis Data
Stephen C. Ruppel

Appendix 3: Core Slab Photographs
Stephen C. Ruppel

Appendix 4: Photomicrographs
Stephen C. Ruppel