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SG64: Heavy-oil and Oil-sand Petroleum Systems in Alberta and Beyond

Edited by Frances J. Hein, Dale Leckie, Steve Larter, and John R. Suter

Frontmatter (PDF)

Chapter 1: Heavy Oil and Bitumen Petroleum Systems in Alberta and Beyond: The Future Is Nonconventional and the Future Is Now
Frances J. Hein, Dale Leckie, Steve Larter, and John R. Suter

Chapter 2: The Dynamic Interplay of Oil Mixing, Charge Timing, and Biodegradation in Forming the Alberta Oil Sands: Insights from Geologic Modeling and Biogeochemistry
Jennifer Adams, Steve Larter, Barry Bennett, Haiping Huang, Joseph Westrich, and Cor van Kruisdijk

Chapter 3: Geologic Reservoir Characterization and Evaluation of the Petrocedeño Field, Early Miocene Oficina Formation, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela
Allard W. Martinius, Jan Hegner, Inge Kaas, Celia Bejarano, Xavier Mathieu, and Rune Mjøs

Chapter 4: The Alberta Oil Sands: Reserves and Long-term Supply Outlook
Farhood Rahnama, Richard A. Marsh, and LeMoine Philp

Chapter 5: Comparison of Oil Generation Kinetics Derived from Hydrous Pyrolysis and Rock-Eval in Four-Dimensional Models of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and Its Northern Alberta Oil Sands
Debra K. Higley and Michael D. Lewan

Chapter 6: Impact of Reservoir Heterogeneity and Geohistory on the Variability of Bitumen Properties and on the Distribution of Gas- and Water-saturated Zones in the Athabasca Oil Sands, Canada
Milovan Fustic, Barry Bennett, Stephen M. Hubbard, Haiping Huang, Thomas Oldenburg, and Steve Larter

Chapter 7: A Regional Geologic Framework for the Athabasca Oil Sands, Northeastern Alberta, Canada
Frances J. Hein, Graham Dolby, and Brent Fairgrieve

Chapter 8: The Significance of Palynofloral Assemblages from the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation and Associated Strata, Surmont and Surrounding Areas in North-central Alberta
Graham Dolby, Thomas D. Demchuk, and John R. Suter

Chapter 9: Stratigraphic Architecture of a Large-scale Point-bar Complex in the McMurray Formation: Syncrude’s Mildred Lake Mine, Alberta, Canada
Thomas R. Nardin, Howard R. Feldman, and B. Joan Carter

Chapter 10: Depositional Setting and Oil Sands Reservoir Characterization of Giant Longitudinal Sandbars at Ells River: Marginal Marine Facies of the McMurray Formation, Northern Alberta Basin, Canada
Paul L. Broughton

Chapter 11: Advanced Seismic-stratigraphic Imaging of Depositional Elements in a Lower Cretaceous (Mannville) Heavy Oil Reservoir, West-central Saskatchewan, Canada
Sabrina E. Sarzalejo Silva and Bruce S. Hart

Chapter 12: Oil-saturated Mississippian–Pennsylvanian Sandstones of South-central Kentucky
Michael T. May

Chapter 13: Overview of Heavy Oil, Seeps, and Oil (Tar) Sands, California
Frances J. Hein

Chapter 14: Unconventional Oil Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah
Steven Schamel

Chapter 15: Integrated Reservoir Description of the Ugnu Heavy Oil Accumulation, North Slope, Alaska
Erik Hulm, Greg Bernaski, Boris Kostic, Steve Lowe, and Rick Matson

Chapter 16: Overview of Natural Bitumen Fields of the Siberian Platform, Olenek Uplift, Eastern Siberia, Russia
Vladimir A. Kashirtsev and Frances J. Hein

Chapter 17: Multiple-scale Geologic Models for Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization
Clayton V. Deutsch

Chapter 18: Modeling of a Tide-influenced Point-bar Heterogeneity Distribution and Impacts on Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage Production: Example from Steepbank River, McMurray Formation, Canada
Geoffray Musial, Richard Labourdette, Jessica Franco, Jean-Yves Reynaud

Chapter 19: Reservoir Modeling by Constraining Stochastic Simulation to Deterministically Interpreted Three-dimensional Geobodies: Case Study from Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Long Lake Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage Project, Northeast Alberta, Canada
Milovan Fustic, David Thurston, Adal Al-Dliwe, Dale A. Leckie, and Dany Cadiou

Chapter 20: Spectral Decomposition in a Heavy Oil and Bitumen Sand Reservoir
Carmen C. Dumitrescu and Larry Lines

Chapter 21: Fundamentals of Heat Transport at the Edge of Steam Chambers in Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage
Ian D. Gates, Marya Cokar, and Michael S. Kallos

Chapter 22: Integration of Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage Fundamentals with Reservoir Characterization to Optimize Production
Rudy Strobl

Chapter 23: Screening Criteria and Technology Sequencing for In-situ Viscous Oil Production
Maurice B. Dusseault

Chapter 24: New Progress and Technological Challenges in the Integral Development of the Faja Petrolifera del Orinoco, Venezuela
Teófilo Villarroel, Adriana Zambrano, and Rolando Garcia

Chapter 25: Trading Water for Oil: Tailings Management and Water Use in Surface-mined Oil Sands
Randy Mikula

Chapter 26: Potential Role of Microbial Biofilms in Oil Sands Tailings Management
Victoria Kostenko and Robert John Martinuzzi

Chapter 27: Geothermal Energy as a Source of Heat for Oil Sands Processing in Northern Alberta, Canada
Jacek Majorowicz, Martyn Unsworth, Tom Chacko, Allan Gray, Larry Heaman, David K. Potter, Douglas R. Schmitt, and Tayfun Babadagli

Chapter 28: Joslyn Creek Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage: Geologic Considerations Related to a Surface Steam Release Incident, Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Northeastern Alberta, Canada
Frances J. Hein and Brent Fairgrieve