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Sidney Powers

The Science of Petroleum Geology

E. G. Woodruff

The Past and the Future

H. B. Goodrich

Development of Petroleum Geology in California

W. R. Hamilton

Commercial Oil Geology East of the Mississippi

Ralph W. Richards

The Petroleum Geologist in Mexico

Burton Hartley

Experimental Petroleum Geology

A. W. McCoy

The Healdton Field, Oklahoma

John G. Bartram, Louis Roark ()

The Time Factor in the Accumulation of Oil and Gas

Roswell H. Johnson ()

The Effect of Stratigraphic Variation on Folding

I. I. Gardescu (), Roswell H. Johnson ()

The Application of Depletion Allowances to Oil Property Taxation

Samuel J. Caudill ()

Present Status of Oil and Gas Prospects in Mississippi

E. N. Lowe ()

On "Graphic Method for Determining the Surface Projection of the Axis and Crest Traces at Any Depth of an Asymmetrical Anticline": DISCUSSION

D. M. Collingwood, Hugh B. Webster

On "The Time Factor in the Accumulation of Oil and Gas": DISCUSSION

R. H. Johnson, M. I. Goldman

The Number of American Geologists: EDITORIAL

Sidney Powers

The Burbank Field, Osage County, Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. Z. Miller

Notes on Sequoyah County, Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles T. Kirk

South Bend Field, Young County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

M. G. Cheney

The Oil Fields of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Burton Hartley

Oil and Gas in Marion, Chase, Dickinson, Morris and Geary Counties, Kansas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

D. W. Williams

A New Compass for Geologists: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

F. B. Plummer

Supposed Igneous Rock from Wichita County, Texas Wells: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. E. Wrather

A Simple Method of Taking Cores in Wells Being Drilled by the Rotary System: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. DeGolyer

Measuring Meter for Drilling Wells: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Sidney Powers

Collapsible Bit and Coring Device for Rotary Drilling: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Elton Rhine