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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Petroleum Problem of Siberia

Dimitry A. Shanazarov

Gas-Bearing Structures of Southern France

Daniel Schneegans

Outline of Sedimentation in Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

H. P. Schaub

Slick-Wilcox Field, Dewitt and Goliad Counties, Texas

Louie Sebring, Jr.

Marine Sedimentation and Oil Accumulation. II. Regressive Marine Offlap and Overlap-Offlap

Doris S. Malkin , Dorothy Jung Echols

Core Orientation by Graphical and Mathematical Methods

Hugh McClellan

Core Orientation by Graphical and Mathematical Methods: DISCUSSION


Tectonics of North-Central States: ABSTRACT

Dorsey Hager

Structural Development of Eastern Interior Basin: ABSTRACT

J. Marvin Weller, L. E. Workman

Correlations of Chester Series in Illinois and Indiana: ABSTRACT

Elwood Atherton, David H. Swann

Structural Trends and Fault Systems in Eastern Interior Basin: ABSTRACT

Stuart K. Clark, James S. Royds

La Salle Anticlinal Belt, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Alfred H. Bell

Oil Fields on Noble Anticline, Jasper, Richland, Clay, Wayne Counties, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Darsie A. Green

Benton Pool, Franklin County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

J. V. Howell

Pressure-Maintenance Problems in Dix Pool, Illinois: ABSTRACT

J. Peter Smith

Geology of Mattoon Field, Illinois: ABSTRACT

C. Doh

Subsurface Correlations of Lower Silurian Formations in Southern Illinois and Indiana: ABSTRACT

Edward J. Coombs, Ralph E. Esarey

St. Jacob Field, Madison County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

E. A. Obering

Deep Drilling and Deeper Possibilities in Illinois: ABSTRACT

L. E. Workman, Alfred H.Bell

Electrical Well Logging in Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

C. A. Bays , R. C. Cooper , F. W . Mitchell , G. W. Prescott , C. K. Ruddick (5)

Seismic Comments, Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Homer C. Moore

Seismicity of Mississippi Valley: ABSTRACT

James B. Macelwane

Geology of Uniontown Pool, Union County, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Sutton

Hitesville Consolidated Pool, Union County, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

H. H. Bybee

Slaughters Oil Pool, Webster County, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Iley B. Browning

Geology of Two Recent Deep Tests in Kentucky and Tennessee: ABSTRACT

W. L. Effinger

Recent Developments in Western Michigan: ABSTRACT

Rex P. Grant

Lower and Middle Silurian Rocks in Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

George V. Cohee

Coldwater Field, Isabella County, Michigan: ABSTRACT

R. H. Wolcott ()

Zones of Plattin-Joachim of Eastern Missouri: ABSTRACT

John G. Grohskopf

A Challenge to A.A.P.G. Research: ABSTRACT

John T. Rouse

Graphical Construction of Perspective Diagrams: ERRATUM

G. D. Hobson

Wilcox (Eocene) Stratigraphy, a Key to Production: ERRATUM

Dorothy Jung Echols, Doris S. Malkin

Oil-Reserve Provinces of Middle East and Southern Soviet Russia: ERRATUM

F. Julius Fohs