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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Geology of Hungry Valley Area, Southern California

John C. Crowell

Structural Features of Western Antelope Valley, California

John H. Wiese , Spencer F. Fine

Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic History of Colorado and Adjacent Areas

Ross L. Heaton

Clay Minerals of Laramie Formation, Golden, Colorado, Identified by X-ray Diffraction

Arthur James Gude, 3rd

Stratigraphic Distribution of Evidences of Bituminous Substances in Turkey

Cevat Eyub Tasman

Particle-Type Well Logging

J. E. Banks

Curved Surface Sections for Microscopic Study of Calcareous Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

H. A. Ireland

Rapid Dip Estimation in Photo-Geological Reconnaissance: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Victor C. Miller

Recent Small-Scale Deformation of Limestone Strata, Concho County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John C. Osmond, Jr.

Specific Surface Areas and Porosities from Photomicrographs: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Walter D. Rose , M. R. J. Wyllie

Blackfoot Field, Anderson County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

D. O. Branson

Calculating Petroleum Reserves: DISCUSSION

Wallace E. Pratt

The Origin of Red Beds: ABSTRACT

Paul D. Krynine

Oil Prospects of Australia: ABSTRACT

Frank Reeves

Gas Production, Reserves, and the Importance of Gas Storage in the Appalachian Area: ABSTRACT

R. Douglas Rogers, Jr.

Progress Report on the Search for Early Devonian Gas in Northern West Virginia, with Comments on Pre-Devonian Oil Prospects: ABSTRACT

Frank Reeves, Paul H. Price

Appalachian Stratigraphic Nomenclature: ABSTRACT

Herbert P. Woodward

Application of Electric Logging Methods to Gas Storage Pools: ABSTRACT

Charles Doh