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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Oil Prospects of Israel

Max W. Ball , Douglas Ball

Thermoluminescence and Surface Correlation of Limestones

Donald F. Saunders

Use of Thermoluminescence of Limestones in Subsurface Stratigraphy

James M. Parks, Jr.

Revision of Stratigraphic Units in Great Basin

Eastern Nevada Geological Association Stratigraphic Committee

Plastic Lithification of Sands in Situ: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. E. Brown , H. W. Patnode

Percentage of Thinning Chart--New Technique in Subsurface Geology: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

A. H. Wadsworth, Jr.

Recent California Earthquakes--"Geology": ABSTRACT

Homer J. Steiny, John P. Buwalda

Seismological Aspect of Arvin Earthquake: ABSTRACT

Hugo Benioff

Evidence of Extensive Lateral Faulting in Bakersfield Area, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Archer H. Warne

Lateral Faults of Southern California: ABSTRACT

Mason L. Hill

Production Variations Resulting from Recent Earthquakes in Bakersfield Area, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Johnston

Thrust Faults of Ventura Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Herron

Oxnard Oil Field, Ventura County, California: ABSTRACT

Leo H. Moir, Jr.

Peculiarities of Aurignac Sand Accumulation in San Ardo Field, Monterey County, California: ABSTRACT

John H. Fackler

Castaic Hills Oil Field, Los Angeles County, California: ABSTRACT

George H. Roth

Eocene of Eastern Santa Ynez Mountains: ABSTRACT

William R. Merrill

South Pyramid Hills Oil Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Green

Markley Gorge, Sacramento County, California: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Davis

Geology of West Edison Oil Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Harold H. Sullwold, Jr.

Productive Possibilities of Butano Sandstone, Santa Cruz County, California: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Baldwin

Northwest Extension of West Cat Canyon Oil Field, Santa Barbara County, California: ABSTRACT

William Z. Elmore, Benjamin C. Lupton

Lessons of a Decade: ABSTRACT

Ira H. Cram

Continuous Profiling Type Dipmeter: ABSTRACT

Herbert B. Hagen

Geophysical Comparisons at Dinuba, Tulare County, California: ABSTRACT

Milton C. Born

Influence of Submarine Canyons on Intrusion of Ocean Water into Fresh-Water Aquifer: ABSTRACT

John F. Mann, Jr.

Faunal Assemblages from Type Topanga Formation, Santa Monica Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Takeo Susuki

Further Evidence of Wind-Blown Rocks on Playas: ABSTRACT

Thomas Clements

North Atlantic Core Foraminifera Collected by Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition: ABSTRACT

Fred B. Phleger, Frances L. Parker, Jean F. Peirson

Significance of Insect Remains in Asphalt Deposits: ABSTRACT

W. Dwight Pierce

Stratigraphic Distribution of Foraminifera of Type Luisian Stage, California: ABSTRACT

Harold G. Billman, Alfred A. Hopkins, Jr.

Stratigraphy of Cuyama Valley Area, California: ABSTRACT

Stanley A. Carlson