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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Fractured Shale Reservoirs of California

Louis J. Regan, Jr.

Dilatancy in Migration and Accumulation of Oil in Metamorphic Rocks

Duncan A. McNaughton

Performance of Fractured Oil Reservoirs

Sylvain J. Pirson

Fracture-Controlled Production in Gilbertown Field, Alabama

Jules Braunstein

Fracturing in Spraberry Reservoir, West Texas

Walter M. Wilkinson

Fracture Porosity in Gulf Coast

Marcus A. Hanna

Relationship of Natural Gas Occurrence and Production in Eastern Kentucky (Big Sandy Gas Field) to Joints and Fractures in Devonian Bituminous Shale

Coleman D. Hunter , David M. Young

Oil Production from Fractured Pre-Cambrian Basement Rocks in Central Kansas

Robert F. Walters

Discussion of Fractured Reservoir Subjects

Sedimentary Trends, Colorado Member of Oficina Formation, San Roque, Anzoategui, Venezuela

R. Passega

Williston Basin--New Province for Oil Exploration

T. R. Barnes

Regional Stratigraphic Analysis of Middle and Upper Marine Jurassic in Northern Rocky Mountains-Great Plains

George T. Schmitt

Formation Waters in Southwest Louisiana

Bert C. Timm , James J. Maricelli

Geological Aspects of Abnormal Reservoir Pressures in Gulf Coast Louisiana

George Dickinson

Jefferson Island Salt Dome, Iberia and Vermilion Parishes, Louisiana

Jay B. Wharton, Jr.

Devonian Names and Correlation in Williston Basin Area: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Andrew D. Baillie

Sylvan Shale in Northeastern Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

George G. Huffman

Sylvan Graptolites in Northeastern Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles E. Decker , George G. Huffman

Scotch Tape Aids Thin-Section Studies: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John W. Harbaugh