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Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of Upper Devonian Reefs in Leduc, Stettler, and Redwater Areas, Alberta

John M. Andrichuk

Mississippian Sedimentation and Oil Fields in Southeastern Saskatchewan

Ralph W. Edie

Lineaments in Avonlea Area, Saskatchewan

W. O. Kupsch , J. Wild

Tertiary Stratigraphic Units of Western Mojave Desert, California

T. W. Dibblee, Jr.

Herrera Subsurface Structure of Penal Field, Trinidad, B.W.I.

Peter Bitterli

New Developments in Radioactive Well-Logging Research

Richard L. Caldwell , Robert F. Sippel

Bituminous and Other Organic Substances in Precambrian of Minnesota

F. M. Swain, A. Blumentals, N. Prokopovich

Simplified Strike and Dip Recording: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Kenneth K. Landes

Evaporite Deposition: CORRECTION

Robert G. Morris, Parke A. Dickey

Stratigraphic Concepts: DISCUSSION

R. M. Stainforth

Alleghany Orogeny: DISCUSSION

Herbert P. Woodward

The Mid-Continent--Land of Geological Opportunity: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

New Geophysical Techniques Improve Geological Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Gerald H. Westby

The Geologist and Logging: ABSTRACT

Ernest E. Finklea

Geologic Use of Densilog: ABSTRACT

H. J. Werner, A. D. Bennett, Ralph Monaghan

Ultimate Recovery from Hydraulic Fracturing: ABSTRACT

J. B. Campbell

Differential Entrapment of Oil and Gas in Arbuckle Dolomite in Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Walters

Some Features Common to Sand Bars on Modern Coasts and in Geologic Column: ABSTRACT

N. Wood Bass

Facies Changes in Pennsylvanian Rocks along North Flank of Wichita Mountains: ABSTRACT

A. R. Edwards

Facies Patterns and Oil Accumulation in Pennsylvanian of Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

E. C. Dapples, L. L. Sloss

Oil and Gas Possibilities in Central Nebraska Basin: ABSTRACT

E. C. Reed

Geology of McAlester-Arkansas Coal Basin: ABSTRACT

B. W. Miller

Interpretation of Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma as Autochthonous Folded Belt: ABSTRACT

Peter Misch, Keith F. Oles

Thrust Faulting along Wichita Mountain Front: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Riggs

History and Development of North Madill Field, Marshall County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Ross R. Gahring

Post-Hunton Unconformity and Its Effect on Pre-Mississippian Distribution in Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Maxwell

Stratigraphic Traps along Northern Shelf of Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

J. Durwood Pate

Morrow Formation of Northwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Charles H. Glidden, W. Martin Borg

Morrow Rocks of Western Kansas and Panhandle Counties of Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Victor J. Veroda

Morrowan Series of North Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

George Dobervich, Richard L. Parker

Geological and Geophysical Studies at Railroad Valley, Nevada: ABSTRACT

R. J. Bean, R. C. Spivey

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

F. G. Stehli, C. R. Allen, L. T. Silver

Fillmore Oil Field, Ventura County, California: ABSTRACT

Donald A. Hendricksen

Llano Seco and Perkins Lake Gas Fields, Butte and Tehama Counties, California: ABSTRACT

Tod P. Harding

Oil Creek Field, San Mateo County, California: ABSTRACT

Harold L. Fothergill

Geology and Related Developments in Part of the City of Los Angeles: ABSTRACT

Peter H. Gardett

Racetrack Hill Anticlinal Trend, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

William D. Lewis

Stratigraphic Sections and Stratigraphy of San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth F. Krammes

Cascade Oil Field, Los Angeles County, California: ABSTRACT

George H. Roth, Harold H. Sullwold, Jr.

Castaic Junction Field, Los Angeles County, California: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Dudley, Jr.

Yorba Linda Oil Field, Orange County, California: ABSTRACT

James C. Benzley

Geology of Orocopia Mountains, Southeastern California: ABSTRACT

John C. Crowell

Eocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Orocopia Mountains, Southeastern California: ABSTRACT

Takeo Susuki, John C. Crowell

Aeromagnetic Study of Copper River Basin, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Gordon E. Andreasen, Isidore Zietz, Arthur Grantz

Aeromagnetic Reconnaissance of Cook Inlet Area, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Gordon Andreasen, Isidore Zietz, Arthur Grantz

Stratigraphic Classification and Terminology: ABSTRACT

Hollis D. Hedberg

Gravity Exploration: ABSTRACT

Raoul Vajk

Stratigraphy of North Coastal Area of Olympic Peninsula, Washington: ABSTRACT

Robert D. Brown, Jr., P. D. Snavely, Jr., H. D. Gower