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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Practical Petrographic Classification of Limestones

Robert L. Folk

Stratigraphic Traps Along North Shelf of Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

J. Durwood Pate

Cordilleran Tectonics in British Columbia

Wm. H. White

Pierre Shale Along Western and Northern Flanks of Black Hills, Wyoming and Montana

C. S. Robinson , W. J. Mapel , W. A. Cobban

Lower Paleozoic Rocks of Northern Williston Basin and Adjacent Areas

J. W. Porter , J. G. C. M. Fuller

Relations of Lower Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic Rocks, Four Corners Area, Colorado

E. B. Ekren , F. N. Houser

Guide to the Preparation and Disposition of Manuscripts for Publication in the Bulletin

Sherman A. Wengerd

Dual Classification of Faults: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Mason L. Hill

Exposures of San Onofre Breccia on Anacapa Island, California: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

D. W. Scholl

Problems of Paleozoic Tectonics in North-Central and Northeastern Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Peter T. Flawn , Teodoro Diaz G.

Use of Flute Casts in Stratigraphic Correlation: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert G. Sutton

Genesis of "Haymond Boulder Beds," Marathon Basin, West Texas: REPLY TO DISCUSSION

W. Ellis Hall

Late Mesozoic Positive Area in Western Utah: ABSTRACT

H. D. Harris

Geology of North Tejon Field: ABSTRACT

William H. LeRoy, George N. Yeckl

Geology of Vallecitos Area: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Davis

Geology of Mescal Range: ABSTRACT

J. R. Evans

Geology and Oil in Ventura Basin East of San Gabriel Fault: ABSTRACT

Otto Hackel, Roy W. Turner

Geology of Corona South Quadrangle: ABSTRACT

Cliffton H. Gray, Jr.

Financing of Future Exploratory Companies: ABSTRACT

R. G. Greene

Oil Basins of Peru: ABSTRACT

Irving T. Schwade

California Offshore Oil, Present and Future: ABSTRACT

Francis J. Hortig

Eocene Gorge in Northern Sacramento Valley: ABSTRACT

J. D. Frick, T. P. Harding, A. W. Marianos

Geologic Reconnaissance of Alturas Area, Northeastern California: ABSTRACT

T. E. Gay, Jr., Q. A. Aune

Post-Miocene Sedimentation and Possibilities of Oil and Saline Minerals in Newberry Basin, Mojave Desert: ABSTRACT

E. A. Danehy

East Gosford Oil Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

R. E. Horton

Fault Symposium: ABSTRACT

Stratigraphy of La Honda and San Gregorio Quadrangles: ABSTRACT

R. M. Touring

Geology of Northwest Ten Section: ABSTRACT

N. H. MacKevett

Bridge Pool of South Mountain Oil Field: ABSTRACT

E. A. Hall, R. M. Grivetti

Review of Cuyama Oil Province: ABSTRACT

R. K. Cross

New Approach to Dipmeter Computation: ABSTRACT

T. H. Braun, G. Y. Wheatley

Alaska--Legal Consequences of Statehood: ABSTRACT

R. E. Patton

Regional Geologic Interpretations of Aeromagnetic Profiles of Selected Areas in Alaska: ABSTRACT

I. Zeitz, G. E. Andreason, W. J. Dempsey

Summary of Jurassic Stratigraphy of Alaska: ABSTRACT

M. V. Kirk

Geophysical Exploration in Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

John R. Woolson