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Montoya Group Stratigraphy (Ordovician) of Trans-Pecos Texas

Herbert J. Howe

Ordovician and Silurian Stratigraphy and Sedimentation in Southern Manitoba, Canada

John M. Andrichuk

Stratigraphy and Depositional Tectonics of North Yukon-Lower Mackenzie Area, Canada

L. J. Martin

White Mesa Field, Environmental Trap, San Juan County, Utah

M. Dane Picard

Bay Sainte Elaine Oil Field, Southern Louisiana

Stephen J. Schneider

Primary Degradation of Chlorophyll Under Simulated Petroleum Source Rock Sedimentation Conditions

Gordon W. Hodgson , Brian Hitchon

Difunta Strata of Tertiary Age, Coahuila, Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Grover E. Murray , James A. Wolleben , Donald R. Boyd

Oil Exploration in Australia: DISCUSSION

C. W. Siller , E. A. Webb

Oil Exploration in Australia: REPLY

P. E. Playford , M. H. Johnstone

Age and Correlation of Huizachal Group (Mesozoic), State of Tamaulipas, Mexico: ADDENDUM

Robert B. Mixon , Grover E. Murray , Teodoro Diaz G.

San Lorenzo Formation (Agua Salada Group) of Eastern Falcon, Venezuela, A Valid Lithostratigraphic Name: DISCUSSION

H. H. Renz

Gulf Coast Cenozoic History: ABSTRACT

J. D. M. Williamson

Occurrence of Miocene Oil in South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Leonard L. Limes, Jack C. Stipe

Frio Formation of Upper Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

L. Bruce Forney

Upper Frio Lithofacies in Eastern Counties of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Thomas Branham, John Grayshon, Robert Johnson

Nodosaria Sand Environments in Eastern Counties of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

James A. Mallory

Effect of Structural Movement of Sedimentation in Pheasant-Francitas Area, Matagorda and Jackson Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

John E. Walters

Review of Hitchcock Field, Galveston County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jesse O. Reiter

Turtle Bay Field, Chambers County, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. P. Akkerman

Heterostegina Reef on Piercement Salt Domes, with Special Reference to Nash and Others in Northwestern Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Ralph B. Cantrell, J. C. Montgomery, A. E. Woodard

Log Interpretation in Brackish-Water Frio Trend: ABSTRACT

Terry Walker

Structure of Karnes County Area, Texas, and Its Relation to Jackson Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

D. Hoye Eargle

Erosional Channel in Middle Wilcox Near Yoakum, Lavaca County, Texas: ABSTRACT

William V. Hoyt

Textural Differences Between Two Types of Shoestring Sands: ABSTRACT

John J. W. Rogers, Cyrus Strong

Influence of Jackson Dome on Sedimentary Facies and Effect on Water-Bearing Properties of Claiborne in Jackson Area, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Joseph W. Lang

Analysis of Factors Affecting Quantitative Estimates of Organism Abundance: ABSTRACT

Louis S. Kornicker

Biostratigraphic and Paleologic Study of Midway Foraminifera Along Tehuacana Creek, Limestone County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Gene Ross Kellough

New Log Interpretation Techniques for Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

R. P. Burton

Geology and Petroleum Development of Continental Shelf of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gordon I. Atwater

Grandison Complex, Lafourche and Jefferson Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Ramsey L. Oakes

Sedimentation and Structure of Planulina-Abbeville Trend, South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Hunter C. Goheen

Thornwell Field, Jefferson Davis and Cameron Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Frank R. Hardin

Origin and Development of Texas Shoreline: ABSTRACT

Rufus J. LeBlanc, W. D. Hodgson

Galveston Barrier Island and Environs: Model for Predicting Reservoir Occurrence and Trend: ABSTRACT

H. A. Bernard, C. F. Major, Jr., B. S. Parrott

Late Quaternary Geology of Sabine Lake and Vicinity, Texas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Henry E. Kane

Chenier Plain and Its Stratigraphy, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

John V. Byrne, Duane O. LeRoy, Charles M. Riley

Geologic History of Chenier Plain, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

H. R. Gould, E. McFarlan, Jr.

Size, Sorting, Mineralogy, and Chemical Composition of Recent Sands of Northern Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

K. Jinghwa Hsu

Petrology of Anacacho Limestone of Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

Lee L. Harvill