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Effect of Regional Variations of Crude Oil and Reservoir Characteristics on In Situ Combustion and Miscible-Phase Recovery of Oil in Western Canada

Brian Hitchon , G. F. Round , M. E. Charles , G. W. Hodgson (5)

Hydrodynamic Entrapment of Oil and Gas in Bisti Field, San Juan County, New Mexico

Robert P. McNeal

Distribution of Ordovician Graptolites in Eugeosynclinal Facies in Western North America and its Paleogeographic Implications

Reuben James Ross, Jr.

Fossiliferous Paleozoic Localities in Merida Andes, Venezuela

G. R. Pierce, C. C. Jefferson, Jr., W. R. Smith

Interpretation of Sedimentary Features in Brazer Limestone (Mississippian) Near Mackay, Custer County, Idaho

Betty A. L. Skipp

Precis of Mesozoic "Redbeds" Near Carache, Trujillo, Venezuela: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

C. C. Jefferson Jr. , G. R. Pierce

Geologic Summary of Potrero Padilla, Coahuila, Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Grover E. Murray , Otto J. Buis , C. O. Durham, Jr.

Petroleum Resources in Basement Rocks: DISCUSSION

Wallace E. Pratt

Petroleum Resources in Basement Rocks: DISCUSSION

R. G. Rogers

Automatic Data Processing in Geology: ABSTRACT

W. C. Krumbein

Palynology and Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

John F. Grayson

The Geochemistry of Petroleum Migration and Accumulation: ABSTRACT

Bartholomew Nagy

Prospecting for Commercial Fractured "Shale" Reservoirs, Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Burdette A. Ogle

Stable Isotope Studies in Solution of Geologic Problems: ABSTRACT

Milton Williams

Interpretation of Dry Holes: ABSTRACT

Jack W. Knight

Tectonics of Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Warren Hamilton

Andes of West Argentina: ABSTRACT

Abel Herrero-Ducloux

Cordillera of Chile, South America: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Williams

Bolivia and the Andes--A Geological Sketch: ABSTRACT

Frank P. Sonnenberg

Role of Sub-Andean Fault System in Tectonics of Eastern Peru and Ecuador: ABSTRACT

C. K. Ham, L. J. Herrera, Jr.

"Backbone" of Colombia: ABSTRACT

Cyril Jacobs, Hans Burgl, Daniel L. Conley

Summary of Tectonic History of Venezuela: ABSTRACT

Ely Menscher

Tectonic History of South-Central American Orogen: ABSTRACT

Joel J. Lloyd

Nuclear Central America Hub of Antillean Transverse Belt: ABSTRACT

J. H. Brineman, G. L. Vinson

Outline of Tectonic History of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Eduardo J. Guzman, Zoltan de Cserna

Tectonic Framework of Southwestern United States, and Possible Continental Rifting: ABSTRACT

Chas. B. Hunt

Structural Evolution of Part of Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones

Structural Development of Salt Anticlines of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado: ABSTRACT

Fred W. Cater, D. P. Elston

Laramide Faults and Stress Distribution in Front Range, Colorado: ABSTRACT

John C. Harms

Dawson Formation as Expression of Laramide Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Harry W. Oborne

Development of Geologic Structure in Middle Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

D. L. Blackstone, Jr.

Gas Occurrence in Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Clark Millison

Geology and Occurrence of Gas and Oil, Wamsutter Arch, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Ritzma

Relation of Latest Cretaceous and Tertiary Deposition and Deformation to Oil and Gas Occurrences in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. D. Love, Paul O. McGrew, Horace D. Thomas

Relation of Uplifts to Thrusts in Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

A. J. Eardley

Laramide Sediments along Wind River Thrust, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Tectonics and Oil Accumulation in Central Montana: ABSTRACT

John R. Fanshawe

Possible Early Devonian Seaway in Northern Rocky Mountain Area: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg

Upper Cretaceous Delta on Tectonic Foreland, Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Canadian Rockies: Orientation in Time and Space: ABSTRACT

Ernest W. Shaw

Tectonics of Northern Cordillera in Canada: ABSTRACT

L. J. Martin

Post-Mississippian Unconformity in Western Canada Basin: ABSTRACT

John Bokman

Structure and Tectonic History of Alaska: ABSTRACT

George O. Gates, George Gryc

General Geology and Hydrocarbons of Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Kelly

Tectonic Summary of Backbone of Americas: ABSTRACT

Carey C. Croneis

Challenge of Exploration for Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

B. W. Beebe

Oil Accumulations along Abo Reefing, Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

William J. Le May

Faulting Associated with Deep-Seated Salt Domes in Northeast Part of Mississippi Salt Basin: ABSTRACT

Dudley J. Hughes

Geomorphic Expression of Selected Concealed Structures in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Barton, Andy J. Broscoe

Geophysical Studies of Basin Structures along Eastern Sierra Nevada: ABSTRACT

John H. Healy