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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Rocky Mountain Sedimentary Basins--Introduction

James A. Peterson

Geologic History of Rocky Mountain Region

John D. Haun , Harry C. Kent

Resume of Depositional and Structural History of Western Montana

William J. McMannis

Geological History of Central and South-Central Montana

E. Earl Norwood

Sedimentary and Tectonic History of North Dakota Part of Williston Basin

C. G. Carlson , S. B. Anderson

Tectonic Development of Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

Frank C. Armstrong , Steven S. Oriel

Sedimentation and Structural Development of Big Horn Basin

Leonard E. Thomas

Geologic History of Wind River Basin, Central Wyoming

William R. Keefer

Geologic History of Powder River Basin

Wyoming Geological Association Technical Studies Committee

Denver Basin

Charles A. Martin

Pennsylvanian and Permian Basins in Northwestern Utah, Northeastern Nevada and South-Central Idaho

Ralph J. Roberts , M. D. Crittenden, Jr. , E. W. Tooker , H. T. Morris , R. K. Hose , T. M. Cheney

Geologic History of Site of Uinta Basin, Utah

John C. Osmond

Geologic History Of Piceance Creek-Eagle Basins

M. Darwin Quigley

Kaiparowits and Black Mesa Basins: Stratigraphic Synthesis

Ross H. Lessentine

Stratigraphy and Tectonic Features of Paradox Basin, Four Corners Area

H. R. Ohlen , L. B. McIntyre

Stratigraphy and History of Raton Basin and Notes on San Luis Basin, Colorado-New Mexico

Elmer H. Baltz

Sedimentary History and Economic Geology of San Juan Basin

James A. Peterson , Allan J. Loleit , Charles W. Spencer , Richard A. Ullrich

Sedimentary Basins of South-Central and Southwestern New Mexico

Frank E. Kottlowski

Stratigraphic-Tectonic Development of Delaware Basin

John Emery Adams