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Salt Structures of Gulf of Mexico Basin--A Review

Grover E. Murray

New Seismic Data Concerning Sediments and Diapiric Structures in Sigsbee Deep and Upper Continental Slope, Gulf of Mexico

Maurice Ewing , John Antoine

Northeast Thompsonville Field, South Texas: Key to Future Exploration for Downdip Wilcox Production?

Leighton F. Young, Jr.

Influence of Regional Tectonics and Local Structure on Deposition of Morrow Formation in Western Anadarko Basin

James M. Forgotson, Jr. , Anthony T. Statler , Marthann David

Evidence of Unconformity at Top of Trenton Limestone in Indiana and Adjacent States

Lawrence F. Rooney

Classification of Reservoir Rocks by Surface Texture

Robert B. Robinson

Note 33 Application to American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Amendments to Articles 29, 31, and 37 to Provide for Recognition of Erathem, Substage, and Chronozone as Time-Stratigraphic Terms in the Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

Hollis D. Hedberg

Notes on Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Sediments in Southern Costa Rica: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Dierk Henningsen

Magnetic and Petrologic Studies of Sediment Found Above Basalt in Experimental Mohole Core EM7: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

M. D. Fuller , C. G. A. Harrison , Y. R. Nayudu

Origin of Shale-Pebble Conglomerate

Gordon D. Williams

Presence of Carboniferous in West Sarawak: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

G. A. Sanderson

Biodepositional or Reefoid?: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

James M. Forgotson

Observations on Living Planktonic Foraminifera in Cultures: ABSTRACT

Patricia C. Adshead

N.A.S.A. Lunar and Earth-Orbital Programs of Special Interest to Exploration Geologists and Geophysicists: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Allenby

The Computer and the Subsurface Geologist: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Anderson

British Lower Carboniferous Conodont Faunas and Their Value in Correlation: ABSTRACT

Ronald L. Austin, Edric C. Druce, Frank H. T. Rhodes

Base of Pleistocene in Los Angeles Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Living Planktonic Foraminifera in South Atlantic: ABSTRACT

Allan W. H. Be

World Occurrence of Petroleum in Pre-Silurian Rocks: ABSTRACT

Leroy E. Becker, John B. Patton

Geology of Lower Permian Minnelusa Oil Fields, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, Charles S. Tenney

Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Problems of Some Tertiary Planktonic Foraminiferal Lineages: ABSTRACT

W. A. Berggren

Chemical Diagenesis of Some Modern Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Berner

Geotechnical Properties of Marine Sediments from Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

William R. Bryant, James L. Harding

Middle Jurassic Trough of Central Tunisia: ABSTRACT

George S. Buchanan, Roland F. Schwab

Tertiary Sediments on Falkland Platform and Argentine Continental Slope: ABSTRACT

L. H. Burckle, J. D. Hays

Diagenesis of Gulf Coast Clayey Sediments and Its Possible Relation to Petroleum Migration: ABSTRACT

John F. Burst

Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Particles in Clastic Sediments: ABSTRACT

Keith E. Chave

High-Pressure Compaction Studies and Chemistry of Solutions Squeezed Out of Muds at Different Stages of Compaction: ABSTRACT

George V. Chilingar, Herman H. Rieke, III, Eldon K. Olson

Upper Silurian Conodonts from Welsh Borderland: ABSTRACT

Charles Collinson, E. C. Druce

Stratigraphic and Tectonic Framework of Libya: ABSTRACT

Louis C. Conant, Gus H. Goudarzi

Modern Graded Beds and Turbidity Currents: Case History: ABSTRACT

John R. Conolly, Maurice Ewing

Alaska, New Frontier for Oil: ABSTRACT

R. W. Craig

Physical and Biological Evidence for Major Mid-Cretaceous Stratigraphic Break: ABSTRACT

Carey Croneis, Anthony Reso

Ordovician Algal Stromatolites in Upper Mississippi Valley: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Facies Relations of Hystrichospheres in Onesquethaw Stage (Devonian) of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

John M. Dennison, Anne K. Morrison

Effects of Ductility and Planar Anisotropy in Folding of Rock Layers: ABSTRACT

Fred A. Donath

Cohesion and Flow Phenomena in Clastic Intrusions: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Distribution of Late Cretaceous Rotaliporidae and Globotruncanidae in California and Northwestern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert Douglas, W. V. Sliter

Late Cretaceous-Paleocene Phytoplankton, Upper Moreno Formation, California: ABSTRACT

Warren S. Drugg

Diagenetic Modification of Recent Sediments Associated with a Limestone Island: ABSTRACT

William J. Ebanks, Jr., Gordon E. Tebbutt

Albion-Scipio Trend: Michigan's Syncline Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

Garland D. Ells

Diagenetic Phases: ABSTRACT

Rhodes W. Fairbridge

Applied Carbonate Petroleum Geology Symposium: Introduction: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Fetzner

Astronaut Training Program in Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Ted H. Foss, Alfred H. Chidester

Foraminiferal Paleoecology of Upper Miocene Montesano Formation, Western Washington: ABSTRACT

Gerald A. Fowler

Relations Among Shear Strength, Physical, and Acoustical Properties of Sediment Cores from Eastern Pacific: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Fray

Porosity Changes During Lithification from Unconsolidated Carbonate Sediment to Consolidated Limestone: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Nannofossils from Upper Cretaceous of Texas: ABSTRACT

Stefan Gartner, Jr.

Foraminiferal Species Diversity Distributions, Eastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Lee B. Gibson

Early Diagenesis and Mass Properties of Siliceous Oozes: ABSTRACT

H. Grant Goodell

Local and Interregional Distribution of Late Paleozoic Cephalopods: ABSTRACT

Mackenzie Gordon, Jr.

Physical Techniques of Correlation Applied to Upper Ordovician Rocks of Southeastern Indiana: ABSTRACT

Henry H. Gray, George D. Brown, Jr., Jerry A. Lineback

Space Program Applications of Techniques, Methods, and Instrumentation Utilized in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Jack Green

Geology--For Human Needs: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Nomenclature of Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

William E. Ham

Consolidation Characteristics of Sea-Floor Sediments: ABSTRACT

E. L. Hamilton, Adrian F. Richards

Computer Simulation of Marine-Organism Community Environments: ABSTRACT

John W. Harbaugh

Date of Silicification and Relative Strengths of Biogenic Calcite in Plastically Deformed Permian Limestone, Ubehebe Peak Area, California: ABSTRACT

Lloyd G. Henbest

Petroleum Migration and Accumulation: Paleohydrogeologic Concept: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Hiestand

Coral Pinnacle Sedimentation, Alacran Reef Lagoon, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Charles M. Hoskin

Nearshore Depositional Environments of Upper Cretaceous Panther Tongue, East-Central Utah: ABSTRACT

James D. Howard

Toros-Zargos Folding and Its Relation to Middle East Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

Emin Ilhan

Pliocene-Miocene Boundary in Temperate Eastern Pacific: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle, Jr.

Pore Geometry of Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Jodry

Significance of Distribution of Planktonic Foraminifera in Equatorial Atlantic Undercurrent: ABSTRACT

James I. Jones

Some Aspects of Sedimentation and Paleoecology of Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation of Saskatchewan, Canada: ABSTRACT

H. Llewellyn Jones

Exploration Progress in North Sea: ABSTRACT

P. E. Kent

Supratidal Diagenesis of Carbonate and Non-Carbonate Sediments in Arid Regions: ABSTRACT

David J. J. Kinsman

Directional Relationships Between Primary Structures and Current Systems in a Tide-Dominated Environment: ABSTRACT

George DeV. Klein

Integrated Method of Facies and Reservoir Analysis as Applied to Redwater Field, Alberta: ABSTRACT

J. E. Klovan

Diagenetic Versus Post-Diagenetic Dolomitization: ABSTRACT

Lynton S. Land

Petroleum in Time and Space: ABSTRACT

Kenneth K. Landes

New Look at Geology and Petroleum Potential of Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Ernest H. Lathram, George Gryc

Pennsylvanian and Permian Influence on Tensleep Oil Traps, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Don E. Lawson, Jordan R. Smith

Fabric of a Middle Ordovician Limestone at Colborne, Ontario: ABSTRACT

Pei-Jen Lee, Gordon C. Winder

Patagium and Some Spumellarian (Radiolaria) Genera: ABSTRACT

Hsin-Yi Ling

Planktonic Foraminiferal Zonation of California "Miocene": ABSTRACT

Jere H. Lipps

Ostracodes and Siluro-Devonian Boundary in South-Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Lundin

Textures and Structures in Catahoula (Gueydan) Tuff, South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Earle F. McBride

Exploration Objectives in the Cambro-Ordovician of Kentucky: ABSTRACT

William H. McGuire

Coccolithophorids as Ecologic Indicators in Oceanic Sediments: ABSTRACT

Andrew McIntyre, Allan W. H. Be

Silica-Bicarbonate Balance in Oceans and Early Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Fred T. MacKenzie, Robert M. Garrels

Habitat of Oil in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Distribution of Interstitial Salts in Drill Cores from Atlantic Ocean Floor off Florida: ABSTRACT

Frank T. Manheim

Computers Simplify Log Applications: ABSTRACT

J. J. Maricelli

Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentation--Post-Ranger View: ABSTRACT

Harold Masursky

Factors Influencing Early Stages of Compaction of Clays and Sands--Review: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Meade

Process-Response Model for Marine-Organism Communities: ABSTRACT

Daniel F. Merriam, John W. Harbaugh

Turbidity-Current Experiments: ABSTRACT

Gerard V. Middleton

Obscure But Important Hiatuses in Stratigraphic Columns: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Moore

Eagle Plain Basin of Yukon Territory: ABSTRACT

M. D. Moorhouse

Late Devonian Conodonts from Alberta Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Michael C. Mound

Unconformities in Phanerozoic Succession of Northern Jasper National Park, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Eric W. Mountjoy

Compaction Phenomena in Gypsum and Anhydrite: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Murray

Diagenesis in Estuarine Sediments: ABSTRACT

Bruce W. Nelson

Paraconformities: ABSTRACT

Norman D. Newell

Conodont Zones in Salamonie Dolomite and Related Silurian Strata of Southeastern Indiana: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Nicoll, Carl B. Rexroad

Consolidation Characteristics of Selected North Pacific Sediment Clays: ABSTRACT

John P. Nielsen, R. J. Smith

Sedimentologic Process Analogies Between Earth and Moon: ABSTRACT

John A. O'Keefe

Paleogeographic and Paleoecologic Analysis of Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Olsson, Robert N. Davids

Application of Water-Classification Methods to Waters from Carbonate Formations: ABSTRACT

A. G. Ostroff

Rock-Boring Organisms as Markers of Stratigraphic Breaks: ABSTRACT

Bobby F. Perkins

Eaglefordian (Cenomanian--Turonian) Stratigraphy in Mexico and Texas: ABSTRACT

Emile A. Pessagno

Distribution and Origin of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Mounds, Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

James A. Peterson

Rates and Mechanisms in Formation of Dolomite: ABSTRACT

Melvin N. A. Peterson, Christopher C. von der Borch

Genesis of Carbonate Reservoir Facies: ABSTRACT

Lloyd C. Pray, Philip W. Choquette

Possible Non-Turbidite Origin of Deep-Sea Sands in Cretaceous Flysch (Bavarian Alps, Germany) and Recent San Diego Trough (California): ABSTRACT

Ulrich Von Rad, Reinhard Hesse

Relation of Hydrocarbon Accumulation to Deltaic Sedimentation in Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Douglas W. Reynolds

Compaction Tests on Aragonitic Sediment: ABSTRACT

Eugene C. Robertson

Biostratigraphy of Blake Plateau (Atlantic) Drill-Hole Samples: ABSTRACT

Tsunemasa Saito, Louis Lidz

Role of Kinetics in Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Schmalz

Early Post-Depositional Preservation of Paleosalinity, A Mathematical Approach: ABSTRACT

David W. Scholl, William L. Johnson

Diagenesis and Geochemistry of Sediments in Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

Ghanshyam D. Sharma

Outline of Geology of Niger Delta: ABSTRACT

K. C. Short, A. J. Stauble

Mud into Shale: When and How?: ABSTRACT

Raymond Siever

History of Oil Development in Libya: ABSTRACT

J. P. Smith, W. V. Naylor, Jr.

Low-Angle Regional Unconformities: ABSTRACT

Peter Sonnenfeld

Geology of Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

J. C. Sproule

Graded Flood Deposits and Turbidites: Comparison and Significance: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Stanley

Morrow County, Ohio--Case History of Exploration and Production: ABSTRACT

E. C. Stanton, Jr.

Cambrian and Ordovician Oil Potential of Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

David H. Swann, T. C. Buschbach, Elwood Atherton, J. C. Frye

Distribution of Paleozoic Rocks Beneath Great Artesian Basin, Queensland: ABSTRACT

J. J. Tanner

Wall Structures, Classification, and Evolution in Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Helen N. Tappan, Jere H. Lipps

Era Boundaries Reconsidered: ABSTRACT

Curt Teichert

Clay-Mineral Distribution in Recent Sediments from Northern Pacific Coast of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jorge de la Torre, Arman F. Frederickson

Aspects of Wall Ultrastructure in Some Hyaline Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Kenneth M. Towe, Richard Cifelli

Onlap, Key to Worldwide Unconformities and Depositional Cycles: ABSTRACT

P. R. Vail, R. O. Wilbur

Geology and Exploration of Three Greater Bass Strait Basins, Australia: ABSTRACT

Lewis G. Weeks, Bryan Hopkins

Petrographic and Chemical Study of Yucatan Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Alfred E. Weidie, Christopher P. Cameron, John J. Long, Jr., Earl J. Ritchie

Stratigraphy and Structure of Parras Basin and Adjacent Areas of Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. E. Weidie, G. E. Murray, C. P. Cameron, J. J. Long, Jr., E. J. Ritchie

Systematic Interpretation of Unconformities: ABSTRACT

Harry E. Wheeler

Quantitative Approach to Nature and Areal Variability of Fold Geometry: ABSTRACT

E. H. T. Whitten

Problems in Biostratigraphy and Taxonomy of Middle Liassic Ammonites of Alpine-Mediterranean Province: ABSTRACT

Felix Wiedenmayer

Conodont Zones and Stratigraphic Variability in Upper Devonian of Ontario: ABSTRACT

C. Gordon Winder

Relict Lyellicerid Fauna of Texas and Northern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Keith Young

Differentiating Shelf and Marine Sands from Deltaic and Brackish-Water Deposits Using Modern Techniques: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Young

Conodont Zonation of Upper Devonian in Central Europe: ABSTRACT

Willi Ziegler

Taxonomic Significance of Pseudopodial Development in Living Planktonic Foraminiferida: ABSTRACT

Patricia C. Adshead

Injection Water Sources, Wilmington and East Wilmington Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

D. R. Allen, Douglas Stockton

Pacific Offshore Drilling and Completion Techniques: ABSTRACT

W. H. Attlesey

Faunal Evidence of Miocene-to-Recent Paleoclimatology in Antarctic: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Time-Transgressive Problems of California Cenozoic: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Reconnaissance Gravity and Other Geophysical Data from Continental End of Aleutian Arc: ABSTRACT

D. F. Barnes, W. H. Lucas, E. V. Mace, R. J. Malloy

Proposed Origin of Subsurface Thermal Brines, Imperial Valley, California: ABSTRACT

F. A. F. Berry

Geologic History of Alaska Peninsula: ABSTRACT

C. A. Burk

Textural Trends of Recent Sediments from River to Abyssal Plain off Oregon: ABSTRACT

John V. Byrne, L. D. Kulm, Neil J. Maloney

Southern California and Offshore Tertiary Basins: ABSTRACT

William H. Corey

Mioclines in Space and Time: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dietz, John C. Holden

Gravity Survey and Analysis of San Diego Embayment, Southwest San Diego County, California: ABSTRACT

William J. Elliott

Authigenic Silicates in Marine Spencer Formation at Corvallis, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Harold E. Enlows, Keith F. Oles

Diving Geology: ABSTRACT

J. A. Forman

Stratigraphy of Montesano Formation, Washington: ABSTRACT

Gerald A. Fowler

An Upper Cretaceous Fault-Line Coast: ABSTRACT

Gordon Gastil, Edwin C. Allison

J.O.I.D.E.S. Ocean Drilling on Continental Margin off Florida: ABSTRACT

Robert Gerard

Seismic Investigation of Eel Submarine Canyon, Humboldt County, California: ABSTRACT

Herbert G. Greene, Bert L. Conrey

Seasonal Distribution of Magnetite and Ilmenite in Beach Sand of Malaga Cove, California: ABSTRACT

Louis O. Heintz

Sub-Bottom Investigation Techniques: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Herron

Structural Evolution of Santa Lucia Range, California: ABSTRACT

K. Jinghwa Hsu

Influence of Cascadia Channel on Abyssal Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

L. D. Kulm

Recent Development in Wilmington-Long Beach Unit Oil Field: ABSTRACT

W. N. Mayuga

Huntington Beach Offshore--Parcel 14: ABSTRACT

Frank J. Noble

Options for Geologists in Selecting a Professional Status: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Paschall

Chronology of Deformation of Paleozoic and Tertiary Succession Near Railroad Valley, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Anton D. Ptacek

Closing the Onshore-Offshore Gap: ABSTRACT

J. A. Riendl

Stratigraphic Facies Prediction and Recognition in Young Offshore Basins from Studies of Fossil Environments: ABSTRACT

W. T. Rothwell, Jr.

Continental Margin of Northern and Central California: ABSTRACT

Gene A. Rusnak

Santa Barbara Channel Federal Sale: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Solanas

Oil and the Asphalt Jungle--Part 2: ABSTRACT

Arthur O. Spaulding

Middle Ground Shoal Field, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Richard F. Story

Project Mohole: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Taylor

Elwood Field: ABSTRACT

J. D. Traxler

Boron as Paleosalinity Indicator Not Affected by Carbon in Clay Fractions: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Walker

Advanced Diving Systems: ABSTRACT

H. Dan Wilson

Sedimentary Regime of San Miguel Gap: ABSTRACT

Frederick F. Wright

Oregon and Washington Eugeosyncline: ABSTRACT

Walter Youngquist