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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Itkilyariak Formation: New Mississippian Formation of Endicott Group, Arctic Slope of Alaska

C. G. Mull , M. D. Mangus

Stratigraphy of Copper Basin Group, Pioneer Mountains, South-Central Idaho

R. A. Paull , M. A. Wolbrink , R. G. Volkmann , R. L. Grover

Hydrocarbons in Estuarine Sediments of Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida, and Their Implications for Genesis of Petroleum

James G. Palacas , Alonza H. Love , Peter M. Gerrild

Depositional Environments and Geologic History of Golden Lane and Poza Rica Trend, Mexico, an Alternative View

A. H. Coogan , D. G. Bebout , Carlos Maggio

Review of Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Stratigraphy in Central and Southern Egypt

Bahay Issawi

Stratigraphy and Microfacies of Type Magwa Formation of Kuwait, Arabia; Part I: Rumaila Limestone Member

Z. R. El-Naggar , I. A. Al-Rifaiy

Geology and Petroleum Potentials of Central and South Afghanistan

Alfred Schreiber , Dietrich Weippert , Hans-Peter Wittekindt , Reinhard Wolfart

Vertical Net Sandstone Determination for Isopach Mapping of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Paul E. Pennebaker

Chemical Composition of Deep Formation Waters in Southwestern Louisiana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Parke A. Dickey , A. Gene Collins , Ivan Fajardo M.

Proposed Surface Reference Section for Yates Formation, Eddy County, New Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Starr Lanphere

Correlation Sections and Log Maps in Determination of Sandstone Trends: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John W. Shelton

Faulted Fold Belts of Southern Anadarko Basin Adjacent to Frontal Wichitas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Bruce H. Harlton

Geophysical Illusions of Continental Drift: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Andrew J. Mantura

Shaler's Line and Suwannee Strait, Florida and Georgia: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John E. Husted

Evaporite Facies in Nubian Sandstone Formation of Sudan: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

A. H. Medani

Biostratigraphy and Correlation of McMonnigal and Tor Limestones, Toquima Range, Nevada: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Edwin H. McKee , Charles W. Merriam , William B. N. Berry

Deltaic Sedimentation: ERRATUM