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Triassic Rift Structure in Gulf of Maine

R. D. Ballard , Elazar Uchupi

Geologic Evolution of North Sea and Its Tectonic Framework

P. A. Ziegler

North Sea--Major Petroleum Province

James M. Watson , Carl A. Swanson

"Porosity Pod": Concept for Successful Stratigraphic Exploration of Fine-Grained Sandstones

James M. Forgotson, Jr. , James M. Forgotson

Stratigraphy and Conodonts of Simpson Group (Middle Ordovician), Beach and Baylor Mountains, West Texas

R. W. Suhm , R. L. Ethington

Structure of Broadtop Synclinorium, Wills Mountain Anticlinorium, and Allegheny Frontal Zone

Frank Jacobeen, Jr. , William H. Kanes

Transformation of Resistivity to Pseudovelocity Logs

Albert J. Rudman , Joseph F. Whaley , Robert F. Blakely , Maurice E. Biggs

Origin of Petroleum in the Oriente of Ecuador

Tomas Feininger

Geologic Factors Controlling Crude Oil Composition in Australia and Papua, New Guinea

T. G. Powell , D. M. McKirdy

Review of Conference on Hydrology of Deep Sedimentary Basins: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Parke A. Dickey , Paul H. Jones

Radiometric Age Determination of Silurian Glauconite: GEOLOGIC NOTES

J. T. Sanford , R. E. Mosher

Dome Structure, Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf East of Delaware: Preliminary Geophysical Report

Robert E. Sheridan

Emplacement of Sierra de Santa Cruz, Eastern Guatemala: GEOLOGIC NOTES

M. Dean Williams

Middle Devonian Bentonite in Michigan Basin: DISCUSSION

John B. Droste , Robert H. Shaver

Middle Devonian Bentonite in Michigan Basin: REPLY

E. J. Baltrusaitis

Stratigraphy of Assam Valley, India: ERRATUM

L. L. Bhandari, R. C. Fuloria, V. V. Sastri

Introduction to Exploration Geochemistry: ERRATUM

John M. Hunt