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North American Drilling Activity in 1978

Robert R. Johnston

Developments in Atlantic Coastal Plain in 1978

Kalman N. Isaacs

Developments in Four Corners-Intermountain Area in 1978

D. L. Baars

Developments Offshore West Greenland in 1978

Gilroy Henderson

Developments in Alaska in 1978

B. C. Jones

Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1978

Stephen P. Hartzell, Timothy A. Trautman

Developments in North-Central Texas in 1978

Johnny W. Watkins

Developments in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico in 1978

Wayne R. Gibson, Craig W. Stichtenoth

Oil and Gas Developments in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia in 1978

Douglas G. Patchen , Kenneth A. Schwarz , Theodore A. Debrosse , E. Perry Bendler (5), Jeffrey B. Hermann (6), Robert G. Piotrowski (7), Cheryl L. Cozart (8), William W. Kelly, Jr. (9)

Developments in Michigan in 1978

Garland D. Ells

Developments in Oklahoma and Panhandle of Texas in 1978

Suzanne Takken, Dorothy J. Smith

Developments in West Coast Area in 1978

R. C. Blaisdell

Oil and Gas Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1978.

Shirley E. Paul , Jack T. Fish , Jack S. Wells , Roger Peters (5), Jack Gilmore (6), John H. Mosler (7)

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast Offshore in 1978

Jules Braunstein , W. W. Allen

Developments in New York in 1978.

Arthur M. Van Tyne

Developments in East-Central States in 1978

G. L. Carpenter , Edmund Nosow , Robert D. Lindau , Jacob Van Den Berg (5)

Developments in South Texas in 1978

James L. Claughton , William G. Fergeson

Developments in Eastern Canada in 1978

R. G. Bryant , D. C. Robertson , W. A. Roliff

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast Onshore in 1978

David Woltz

Developments in Eastern and Northwestern Colorado in 1978

Daniel Poleschook, Jr.

Developments in Arkansas, North Louisiana, and East Texas in 1978

Douglas J. Collins , A. G. Murphy , Eugene H. Core

Developments in Northern Rockies in 1978

S. G. Reid , D. D. Miller , R. D. Teselle , R. P. Johnson (5), R. A. Thuesen (6)

Developments in Southeastern States in 1978

P. D. Cate, C. P. Gunter, S. P. Jennings

Developments in Western Canada in 1978

Peter W. Hay

Permeability of Clay and Shale: ABSTRACT

J. Bredehoeft

Smectite-Illite Transformation--Its Role in Generating and Maintaining Geopressure: ABSTRACT

W. R. Foster

Properties of Water in Clay Mineral Systems: ABSTRACT

Philip F. Low

Generation of Abnormal Pressures Through Organic Matter Transformations: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

Concepts of Effective Stress--a Review: ABSTRACT

W. R. Purcell

Effect of Unloading and Temperature Change on Fluid Pressure in a Sealed Compressible Rock: ABSTRACT

A. J. Seriff

Gravitational Compaction and Abnormal Fluid Pressures: ABSTRACT

J. E. Smith, G. C. Dysinger, R. L. Borst

Nugget-Navajo Sandstone Environmental War--Can Trace Fossils Help?: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr.

Turbidite Channel Reservoirs in Canyon Sandstone, Roundtop Area, Fisher County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Depositional Models and Resource Potential of Pennsylvanian System, Palo Duro Basin, Panhandle Texas: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Atoka Gas in Southern Cottle and Northern King Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

H. S. Gus Edwards

Depositional Systems and Petroleum Potential of Lower Permian Strata, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford

Sedimentology and Source-Bed Geochemistry of Spraberry Sandstone, Midland Basin, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Richard F. Houde, David E. Eby

Stratigraphy and Entrapment of Hydrocarbons in San Miguel Sands of Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

James O. Lewis

Independent Geologists--Endangered Species: ABSTRACT

John W. Mason

Stratigraphy and Exploration Geology of Marble Falls Group, Llano Uplift to Southern Part of Fort Worth Basin: ABSTRACT

Jerry Namy

San Andres Facies Patterns, Palo Duro and Dalhart Basins, Texas: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presley

Design and Function of Oil and Gas Traps: ABSTRACT

W. H. Roberts, III

Waveland Field, Unique Structural and Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Torstein Sannes, E. D. Minihan

Evidence for Wrench Faulting, Southern Val Verde Basin, Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Webster