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Geological Development, Origin, and Energy Mineral Resources of Williston Basin, North Dakota

Lee C. Gerhard , Sidney B. Anderson , Julie A. Lefever , Clarence G. Carlson

Stratigraphic Reference Section for Georges Bank Basin--Depositional Model for New England Passive Margin

C. Wylie Poag

Relationships Between East Texas Field Region and Sabine Uplift in Texas

Michel T. Halbouty , James J. Halbouty

Stratigraphy and Petrology of Petroleum-Producing Waulsortian-Type Carbonate Mounds in Fort Payne Formation (Lower Mississippian) of North-Central Tennessee

William C. MacQuown , J. Hunt Perkins

Sacha Oil Field of Ecuadorian Oriente

Robert W. Canfield , Guido Bonilla , Raymond K. Robbins

Mrar Formation of Western Libya--Evolution of An Early Carboniferous Delta System

T. Whitbread , G. Kelling

Exploration Application of Temperatures Recorded on Log Headings--An Up-the-Odds Method of Hydrocarbon-Charged Porosity Prediction

Stanton M. Ball

Role of Temperature and Time on Organic Metamorphism: GEOLOGIC NOTES

P. E. Gretener , C. D. Curtis

Evidence for Shallow Hydrocarbons Offshore Northern Santa Cruz County, California: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Henry T. Mullins , David K. Nagel

Petroleum Geology of Benue Trough and Southeastern Chad Basin, Nigeria: GEOLOGIC NOTES

S. W. Petters , C. M. Ekweozor

Time and Temperature in Petroleum Formation: Application of Lopatin's Method to Petroleum Exploration: DISCUSSION

Barry J. Katz, Louis M. Liro, James E. Lacey, Harry W. White

Time and Temperature in Petroleum Formation: Application of Lopatin's Method to Petroleum Exploration: REPLY

Douglas W. Waples

Paleontologic and Sedimentologic Character of Corell's Point Faunal Assemblage (Upper Devonian: Famennian), Southwestern New York State: ABSTRACT

Loren Edward Babcock

Condensed Sedimentary Sequence and Associated Submarine Hiatus Within a Cratonic Basin Setting--Case Study of Upper Devonian Genundewa Limestone of New York: ABSTRACT

Gordon C. Baird, Carlton E. Brett

Structural Revelations from Seismic Interpretation, Southern Tier, New York: ABSTRACT

Kathie J. Beinkafner

An Exploration Model for Medina Group Sandstones of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Bruce A. Bennett

Oil and Gas Exploration in Appalachian Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Thomas H. Biggs, Charles S. Bartlett, Jr.

Stratigraphy and Facies Relationships of Silurian (Wenlockian) Rochester Shale: Layer Cake Geology Reinterpreted: ABSTRACT

Carlton E. Brett

Glacio-Eustatic Sedimentary Cycles in Trenton Limestone (Middle Ordovician) of Southern Ontario: ABSTRACT

M.E. Brookfield

Preliminary Investigations for Underground Coal Mines: ABSTRACT

Yoginder P. Chugh, M. Silverman

Akron Dolomite Oil and Gas Production, Chautauqua County, New York: ABSTRACT

David L. Copley, Arthur E. Owen, Bradley R. Gill

Provenance Study of Upper Freeport (Pennsylvanian: Allegheny Group) and Mahoning (Pennsylvanian: Conemaugh Group) Sandstones in Eastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Sylvia R. Cossentino, Warren Norton

Variability in Btu, Ash, and Sulfur Content of Northeastern Ohio Peat Deposits: ABSTRACT

Richard G. Craig, Barry B. Miller, Michael J. Raymondi

Geologic Prediction of Shale Roof Rashing: ABSTRACT

R. A. Cummings

Prediction of Geologic Anomalies in Advance of Mining: Three Case Studies: ABSTRACT

Stephen K. Danner, W. John Nelson

Upper Devonian Black Shales Across Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Wallace De Witt, Jr., John B. Roen

Stratigraphic Control of Oriskany Production: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Diecchio

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Upper Helderberg Group (Lower Devonian), New York: ABSTRACT

James R. Ebert

Cost of Adverse Geologic Conditions on Coal Production: ABSTRACT

M. Eframian

Aspects of Porosity Development in a Tight Sandstone, "Clinton" of Eastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Kenneth R. Frech, Arthur E. Burford

Geologic Information Requirements of Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (PL 95-87): ABSTRACT

J. J. Furman, John R. Sefton

Distribution of Layer-Parallel Shortening Fabrics in Appalachian Foreland of New York and Pennsylvania: Evidence for Two Non-Coaxial Phases of Alleghany Orogeny: ABSTRACT

Peter Geiser, Terry Engelder

Natural Gas Reserves as a Function of Reservoir Quality in Medina Group, Chautauqua County, New York: ABSTRACT

Bradley R. Gill, David L. Copley, Arthur E. Owen

Use of Digital Potential Field, Geologic, and Remote Sensing Data in Studies of Structure of the Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

E. A. Guinness, R. E. Arvidson

Possible Hydrocarbon Resources Beneath Blue Ridge-Piedmont Thrust Sheet: ABSTRACT

Leonard D. Harris

Boron, Gallium, Rubidium, and Vanadium as Geochemical Indicators of Marine and Freshwater Depositional Environments: Hamilton Group (Middle Devonian), Southeastern New York: ABSTRACT

Edward Clifford Inegbenebor, William H. Harris

Clearville Siltstone of Middle Devonian Mahantango Formation in Parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Jolley

Paleomagnetism of Late Ordovician Neda Iron Ore from Wisconsin and Late Ordovician Queenston Shale from New York: ABSTRACT

William F. Kean

A Local Deep Water Basin and Shoreline Model for Middle Devonian Ludlowville Formation of New York: ABSTRACT

Gerald J. Kloc

Brachiopod Community Paleoecology, Paleobiogeography, and Depositional Topography of Devonian Onondaga Limestone in Eastern North America: ABSTRACT

William F. Koch

Stratigraphic Correlation of Planktonic and Larger Foraminiferal Zones: ABSTRACT

A.A. Kureshy

Could Middle Ordovician Carbonate Shelf Depositional Patterns in Appalachian Orogene Indicate Collision Along an Irregular Continental Margin?: ABSTRACT

Gary G. Lash

Sedimentation on a Passive Continental Margin (Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician), Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Gary G. Lash

Diagenesis and Secondary Porosity in Medina Reservoir Sandstones, Athens and Geneva Fields, Crawford County, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Christopher D. Laughrey

Minnehaha Member of Upper Devonian Brallier and Scherr Formations of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

William L. Lyke

Exploration: Key to America's Energy and Mineral Policies: ABSTRACT

Dan Miller

Predictive Geological Mapping of Mining Conditions in Appalachian Coal Fields: ABSTRACT

Marshall S. Miller

Lithofacies of Subsurface "Packer Shell" (Brassfield Limestone-Rochester Shale) Interval in Eastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Bradford E. Nelson, Alan H. Coogan

Effect of Discontinuities on a Room-and-Pillar Coal Mine Plan: ABSTRACT

John E. O'Rourke, Pamela H. Rey

Tuscarora Sandstone (Silurian), Central Pennsylvania: Preliminary Quantitative Grain Shape Analyses of Cotter's (1982) Facies--Fluvial, Estuarine, Beach, and Marine(?) Shelf: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks, Robert A. Gallagher, Edward Cotter

Computer-Generation of a Devonian Shale Production and Potential Atlas for West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Patchen, Mary C. Behling, Michael Ed. Hohn, Katharine Lee Avary

Paleoecology and Structure of a Late Silurian-Early Devonian(?) Patch Reef, Northwestern New Jersey: ABSTRACT

William F. Precht

Geologic Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies in Western New York and Lake Ontario: ABSTRACT

Frank A. Revetta, Dennis Hodge, Norbert O'Hara

Computer Enhancement of Old Well Logs Suggests New Plays in New York State: ABSTRACT

Joseph E. Robinson

Newburg Porous Carbonate Zone of Lockport Group (Middle Silurian), Northeastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Ronald J. Santini, Alan H. Coogan

Depositional Environments of Silurian Whirlpool Sandstone (Medina) in Western New York: ABSTRACT

Beverly Seyler

Computer Mapping of Quality Data for Coals in West Virginia--An Aid in Matching a Specific Coal Grade to a Specific End Use: ABSTRACT

Carl J. Smith, Hobart M. King

Depositional Patterns of a Silurian Shelf Sand in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Richard Smosna

A Potential Method for Predicting Coal-Mine Floor Heave: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Speck, John D. Rockaway

Porosity Pods in Whirlpool Sandstone (Lower Silurian), Chautauqua County, New York: ABSTRACT

George A. Stoiber

Fracture Analysis of Eastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Struble, David P. Hodges

Targeting Zones of Fracture-Enhanced Production: ABSTRACT

J. Edward Tillman

Use of Optical Axis of Vitrinite as an Indicator of Paleo- and In-Situ Stresses in Coal and Coal-Bearing Strata: ABSTRACT

Francis T.C. Ting

Application of Remote Sensing to Underground Coal Mining: Observations and Experience: ABSTRACT

Ronald F. Valane, John J. Jansky

"Cat-Scan" Geological Assessment Required in Planning Today's Coal Mine: ABSTRACT

Vance P. Wiram

A Model for Faunal Succession and Reef Growth in Edgecliff Bioherms (Middle Devonian Onondaga Formation): ABSTRACT

Thomas H. Wolosz