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Tectonic Control of Silurian Carbonate-Shelf Margin Morphology and Facies, North Greenland

John M. Hurst, Finn Surlyk

Geologic Interpretation of Geothermal Fluid Movement in Cerro Prieto Field, Baja California, Mexico

S. E. Halfman , M. J. Lippmann , R. Zelwer , J. H. Howard

Stable Carbon Isotope Compositions of Crude Oils: Application to Source Depositional Environments and Petroleum Alteration

Zvi Sofer

Stratigraphic Framework and Petroleum Potential of Northeastern Baltimore Canyon Trough, Mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf

Jan Libby-French

Stacked Shoreline and Shelf Sandstone of La Ventena Tongue (Campanian), Northwestern New Mexico

Jeffrey J. Palmer , Alan J. Scott

Tyrone-Mt. Union Cross-Strike Lineament of Pennsylvania: A Major Paleozoic Basement Fracture and Uplift Boundary

Michael R. Rodgers , Thomas H. Anderson

Secondary Porosity in Sandstones: Basic Contributions of Chepikov and Savkevich

G. Shanmugam

Hydrocarbon Habitat in Main Producing Areas, Saudi Arabia: DISCUSSION

Colin Barker , Parke A. Dickey

Wrench Faulting in Selected Areas of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

G. Pat Bolden

Nuclear Waste--Our Radioactive Hot Potato: ABSTRACT

Frank B. Conselman

Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Development in a Pennsylvanian Phylloid Algal Buildup: ABSTRACT

G. Allan Crawford, George E. Moore, W. Simpson

Ken Regan (Delaware) Field, Reeves County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Dean C. Hamilton

Langley Deep Field, Discovery and Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Gerald J. Henderson, Ellen A. Lake, Gene Douglas

Ben South (Tannehill) Oil Field, Stonewall County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Roland T. Hillock

Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoirs of Parkway-Empire South Field Area, Eddy County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. D. James

Marfa Basin of West Texas: Foreland Basin Subsidence and Depocenter Migration: ABSTRACT

Joseph J. Mauch, Richard H. Wetterauer, Jack L. Walper, Ken M. Morgan

Detrital and Authigenic Clay Minerals in Lower Morrow Sandstones of Eastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo, Louis J. Mazzullo

Queen Formation of Millard Field, Pecos County, Texas: Its Lithologic Characteristics, Environment of Deposition, and Reservoir Petrophysics: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo, Matt Williams, S. J. Mazzullo

Pre-Leonardian Geology of Midland Farms Field Area, Andrews County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Mear, Carolyn K. Dufurrena

Advanced Mud-Logging Analysis Techniques in Delaware Mountain Group of Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

R. P. Murphy, Kevin Cranston

Permian (Guadalupian) Shelf Deposition and Diagenesis: Tansill Formation of Cheyenne Field, Winkler County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Steve R. Ordonez

Geology of Abo Gas-Producing Areas of Pecos Slope, Chaves County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

CY Perusek

McDonald (Devonian) Field, Lea County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sally Meader Roberts

Oil Production from Volcanic Rocks of Balcones Fault Region: ABSTRACT

Gary L. Sandlin

Ferroan Carbonates Formed at Depth Require Porosity Well-Log Corrections: Hunton Group (Upper Ordovician to Lower Devonian), Deep Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sternbach, Gerald M. Friedman

Dolomitization, Sulfate Solution, and Porosity Development, San Andres Formation, Howard-Glasscock Field, Howard County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. White

Cycle Correlation in Late Pennsylvanian Strata of Midland Basin: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Yancey