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Carbonate Platform Facies Models

J. Fred Read

Meteoric Burial Diagenesis of Pennsylvanian Arkosic Sandstones, Southwestern Anadarko Basin, Texas

Shirley P. Dutton , Lynton S. Land

Early Tertiary Subsidence and Sedimentary Facies--Northern Sirte Basin, Libya

Yousef D. Gumati, William H. Kanes

Basin-Edge Diapirism and Updip Salt Flow in Zechstein of Southern North Sea

Malcolm K. Jenyon

Role of Fault Rejuvenation in Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Structural Evolution of Reconcavo Basin, Northeastern Brazil

Curtis R. Cohen

Late Quaternary Shelf-Margin Deltas, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

John R. Suter , Henry L. Berryhill, Jr.

Basin Evaluation Using Burial History Calculations: an Overview

T. M. Guidish , C. G. St. C. Kendall , I. Lerche , D. J. Toth (5), R. F. Yarzab (6)

Improved Statistical Method for Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources

David J. Forman, Alan L. Hinde

Chemical Constraints and Origins of Four Groups of Gulf Coast Reservoir Fluids: DISCUSSION

Lynton S. Land , Dennis R. Prezbindowski

Chemical Constraints and Origins of Four Groups of Gulf Coast Reservoir Fluids: REPLY

Ronald K. Stoessell , Clyde H. Moore

A Fresh Look at the Marfa Basin, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Sunit K. Addy, H. W. Dejong, G. W. Whitney, R. E. Worthington

Evaluation of Landsat Thematic Mapper Data for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Randall L. Anderson

Depositional Facies of San Andres and Grayburg Formations and Their Control on Porosity Distribution and Production--Dune Field, Crane County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Don G. Bebout, David A. Leary

Woodbine Reservoir Facies, Kurten Field, Brazos County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, John T. Leethem

Free Convection in Gulf Coast Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Paul E. Blanchard, John M. Sharp, Jr.

Glacial-Eustatic Control of Virgilian Cyclothems in North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Darwin R. Boardman II, John M. Malinky

Coarsening-Upward Tidal Sequences in Wilcox Group in East Texas: ABSTRACT

John A. Breyer

Structural Analysis of Southwest End of Dagger Flats Anticlinorium, Marathon Region, Texas: ABSTRACT

Heidi Burke

Depositional Environments and Basinal Setting of Cretaceous Woodbine Sandstone, Central and Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

Chuck W. Calavan

Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Arbuckle and Ellenburger Groups, Oklahoma and North Texas: ABSTRACT

Lynn Cardwell

Upper Strawn and Canyon Cratonic Depositional Systems of Bend Arch, North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Arthur W. Cleaves, Albert W. Erxleben

Trace Fossils in Middle and Upper Austin Chalk near Dallas, Texas--Paleoecologic and Economic Significance: ABSTRACT

William C. Dawson, Donald F. Reaser

Ecofacies Transect of Lake Valley Shelf, San Andres Mountains, New Mexico, and Its Relation to Early Mississippian Orogrande Basin: ABSTRACT

Thomas De Keyser, W. F. Mullican, III, J. E. Barrick, C. J. Grossnicklaus

Method of Predicting Reservoir Quality for Feldspathic Sandstones of Southern California: ABSTRACT

Selena A. Dixon, Douglas W. Kirkland

Aledo Southeast 1,200-Ft Strawn Gas Field and Associated Deeper Production, Southeast Parker and Southwest Tarrant Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Arthur J. Ehlmann, Rita J. Ehlmann

Use of Core-Measured Fracture Patterns in Exploration and Exploitation Strategy: ABSTRACT

Christopher H. Garrett, Richard H. Snyder

San Andres and Grayburg Oil Plays in Permian Basin--Past Performance and Prediction for the Future: ABSTRACT

C. M. Garrett

Integration of Seismic and Well Log Data Using Vertical Seismic Profile: ABSTRACT

Tom Goforth, Laurent Moinard

Stratigraphic Dipmeter Interpretation--Fort Worth Basin Submarine Slope Systems: ABSTRACT

L. M. Grace

Middle Atokan to Early Missourian (Pennsylvanian) Conodonts, Fort Worth Basin and Concho Platform, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

R. C. Grayson, Jr., E. L. Trice, III, E. H. Westergaard

Truncated Devonian and Fusselman Fields and Their Relationship to Permian Basin Reserves: ABSTRACT

Bernold M. Hanson

Petrophysical Traits and Reservoir Performance in Hrubetz Ellenburger Field, Coleman County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen Harrell

Geology of North Part of Corsicana Shallow Oil Field, Ellis and Navarro Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne L. Hathaway

Stratigraphic Framework of Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Marine-to-Continental Transition--Wichita Falls-Lawton and Sherman Quadrangles, North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Tucker F. Hentz

Petrophysics of Morrow Formation, Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

George A. Hillis

Current and Future Trends in Geologic Research and Applications: ABSTRACT

E. L. Jones

A Shorthand Notation for Carbonate Facies--Dunham Revisited: ABSTRACT

Clifton J. Jordan

Depth-Gradient Analysis and Biotic Succession in Colony Creek Cycle (Late Pennsylvanian) of North Texas: ABSTRACT

Noel L. Kennedy, Thomas E. Yancy

Subsurface Strawn and Atokan Series, Southwest Jack County, Texas: ABSTRACT

William J. Knights

Oolite Shoal Reservoirs in Pettet Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Southeast Shelby County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Bryce J. McKee

Significance of Framework Dissolution in Interpreting Sandstone Provenance: ABSTRACT

G. Shanmugam

Exploration of Basal Bend Bar System, Southeast Foard County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Marcus E. Staples

Stratigraphy of Eagle Ford Group (Upper Cretaceous) in East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Milton A. Surles, Jr.

A Geochemical Strategy for Identifying Lower Paleozoic "Source" Units, Using Ellenburger Group of West Texas as a Case Study: ABSTRACT

Ravindra S. Tipnis

Depositional Systems and Stratigraphic Relationships of Strawn Group (Pennsylvanian), Colorado River Valley, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

E. L. Trice, Robert C. Grayson, Jr.

Depositional Trends in Carbonate-Dominated and Clastic-Dominated Late Pennsylvanian Cycles in North Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Yancey, Robert Hojnacki

Depositional Environments and Facies Distribution of Millican Carbonate Buildup, Coke County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Steven Zemkoski

Perspectives on World-Class Carbonate Petroleum Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

P. O. Roehl, P. W. Choquette