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Norphlet Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Southwestern and Offshore Alabama: Environments of Deposition and Petroleum Geology

Ernest A. Mancini , Robert M. Mink , Bennett L. Bearden , Richard P. Wilkerson

Depositional Environment, Reservoir Units Evolution, and Hydrocarbon Habitat of Shuaiba Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A. S. Alsharhan

Origin of Lacustrine Rocks of Wilkins Peak Member, Wyoming

Raymond Sullivan

3-D View of Erosional Scars on U.S. Mid-Atlantic Continental Margin

John A. Farre , William B. F. Ryan

Oil and Gas Fields Accompanied by Geothermal Anomalies in Rocky Mountain Region

H. J. Meyer , H. W. McGee

Immature Condensate from Southeastern Mediterranean Coastal Plain, Israel

Arie Nissenbaum , Moshe Goldberg , Zeev Aizenshtat

Morphology of Upper Laurentian Fan Using GLORIA Long-Range Side-Scan Sonar

D. G. Masson , J. V. Gardner , L. M. Parson , M. E. Field

Submarine Ramp Facies Model for Delta-Fed, Sand-Rich Turbidite Systems

Paul L. Heller , William R. Dickinson

Early Late Cretaceous to Holocene Seismic Stratigraphy and Geologic History of Southeastern Gulf of Mexico

David M. Angstadt , James A. Austin, Jr. , Richard T. Buffler

Global Patterns in Opal Deposition from Late Cretaceous Late Miocene

K. J. Miskell, G. W. Brass, C. G. A. Harrison

Comparison of Sequences Formed in Marine Sabkha (Subaerial) and Salina (Subaqueous) Settings--Modern and Ancient

John K. Warren , Christopher G. St. C. Kendall

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Jamaica: DISCUSSION

Arun Kumar

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Jamaica: REPLY TO KUMAR DISCUSSION

Mansour S. Kashfi

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Jamaica: DISCUSSION

Grenville Draper

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Jamaica: REPLY TO DRAPER DISCUSSION

Mansour S. Kashfi

Geological and Geophysical Review of Results of the ARCO 1 Paul Gibbs Well, Flathead County, Montana: ABSTRACT

W. W. Boberg

Seismic Data Acquisition in San Juan Volcanic Field: ABSTRACT

Debra Hays Phillips

Diagenesis and Primary Migration in Upper Jurassic Claystone Source Rocks in North Sea: ERRATUM

Holger Lindgreen

Paleogeographic and Sedimentologic Significance of Mississippian Sequence at Mt. Darby, Wyoming: ERRATUM

Jeff DeJarnett