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Producing Characteristics and Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoirs, Parkway-Empire South Area, Eddy County, New Mexico

A. D. James

Recognition of Interstitial Anhydrite Dissolution: A Cause of Secondary Porosity, San Andres Limestone, New Mexico, and Upper Minnelusa Formation, Wyoming

Christopher J. Schenk, Randall W. Richardson

History of Cenozoic Extension in Central Sevier Desert, West-Central Utah, From COCORP Seismic Reflection Data

Douglas B. Von Tish , Richard W. Allmendinger , James W. Sharp

Sedimentology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Yager Structural Complex--Possible Paleogene Source Rocks in Eel River Basin, Northern California

Michael B. Underwood

Daqing Oil Field, People's Republic of China: A Giant Field with Oil of Nonmarine Origin

Yang Wanli

Formation and Evolution of Nonmarine Petroleum in Songliao Basin, China

Yang Wanli, Li Yongkang, Gao Ruiqi

Subtle Oil Pools in Xingshugang Delta, Songliao Basin

Ma Li

Shallow Structure, Stratigraphy, and Carbonate Sedimentary Processes of West Florida Upper Continental Slope

Larry J. Doyle , Charles W. Holmes

Style and Timing of Frontal Structures, Thrust Belt, Central Utah

Timothy F. Lawton

A Transform Continental Margin Rich in Hydrocarbons, Gulf of California

Peter Lonsdale

Thermal Subsidence and Generation of Hydrocarbons in Michigan Basin: DISCUSSION

A. R. Daly, D. H. Lilly

Thermal Subsidence and Generation of Hydrocarbons in Michigan Basin: REPLY

Jeffrey A. Nunn , Norman H. Sleep , Wayne E. Moore