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Depositional Environments of Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta

Peter D. Flach , Grant D. Mossop

Hydrocarbon Source Rock Evaluation of Middle Proterozoic Solor Church Formation, North American Mid-Continent Rift System, Rice County, Minnesota

J. R. Hatch , G. B. Morey

Depositional Relations of Umpqua and Tyee Formations (Eocene), Southwestern Oregon

C. M. Molenaar

From Mangroves to Petroleum Precursors: an Example from Tropical Northeast Australia

M. J. Risk , E. G. Rhodes ,

Significance of Coniferous Rain Forests and Related Organic Matter in Generating Commercial Quantities of Oil, Gippsland Basin, Australia

G. Shanmugam

Relationship Between Petroleum Composition and Depositional Environment of Petroleum Source Rocks

J. Michael Moldowan , Wolfgang K. Seifert , Emilio J. Gallegos

Assessing Source Rock Maturity in Frontier Basins: Importance of Time, Temperature, and Tectonics

John D. Pigott

Seismic Structure and Stratigraphy of Northern Edge of Bahaman-Cuban Collision Zone

M. M. Ball , R. G. Martin , W. D. Bock , R. E. Sylwester (5), R. M. Bowles , D. Taylor (6), E. L. Coward , J. E. Dodd , L. Gilbert (7)

Conceptual Model for Origin of Abnormally Pressured Gas Accumulations in Low-Permeability Reservoirs

B. E. Law, W. W. Dickinson

Interpretation of Hydrocarbon Shows Using Light (C1-C5) Hydrocarbon Gases from Mud-Log Data

J. H. Haworth , M. Sellens , A. Whittaker

Dolomitization Stages in Regressive Sequence of Hunton Group, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Geoffrey B. Beardall, Jr.

Geology of McMordie and Hale Ranch Fields, Roberts County, Texas: ABSTRACT

J. D. Barnhouse, R. E. Webster

Misener Strike-Valley Sandstone Reservoir, Grant and Garfield Counties, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

James W. Busanus

Seismic Anomalies Associated with Morrowan-Atokan Production in Norcan-Fager Fields, Clark and Ford Counties, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Stacy L. Clark

Wrenching and Oil Migration, Mervine Field Area, Kay County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Harold G. Davis

Comparative Precambrian Stratigraphy Along Mid-Continent Rift Trend: ABSTRACT

Albert B. Dickas

Petrology and Diagenesis of Pennsylvanian Collier Limestone, Hitchland Field, Hansford County, Texas: ABSTRACT

W. Allen Donaldson

Dolomites Formed Under Deep Burial Conditions: Hunton Group Carbonate Rocks (Upper Ordovician to Lower Devonian) in Deep Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and Texas: ABSTRACT

G. M. Friedman, C. A. Sternbach

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments--Krebs Formation in Southeastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

John W. Harris, Lawrence L. Brady, Anthony W. Walton

Seismic Exploration for Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Reservoirs, Palo Duro Basin: ABSTRACT

William J. Hryhor

Atokan (Pennsylvanian) Berlin Field: Anatomy of a Recycled Detrital Dolomite Reservoir, Deep Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

J. Reed Lyday

Upper Pennsylvanian Marine Algal Banks of Kansas: Comparison and Implications: ABSTRACT

D. F. Merriam, S. B. Lamoreaux, J. A. Silfer, G. V. Wolf

Reservoir Characterization Study of Mississippian "Chat" Reservoirs, South-Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

James A. Peeler

Gravity-Slide Thrusting and Folded Faults in Western Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Eric H. Phillips

Clinton Gas Field: A Significant Stratigraphic Discovery: ABSTRACT

David M. Pulling

Use of Airborne Magnetics in Overthrust Areas: ABSTRACT

Noel F. Rasmussen

Dry Creek Field, Nebraska: Subsurface Methods Case History: ABSTRACT

James P. Rogers, B. R. Stinson, G. E. Morgan

Tectonic and Sedimentation Model for Morrow Sandstone Deposition, Sorrento Field Area, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Furgerson Field: A Lesson in Serendipity: ABSTRACT

P. Steve Stoutamire

Recognition and Correlation of Morrowan-Age Wash Reservoirs in Roger Mills and Beckham Counties, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

David M. Sturm, Keith L. Talley, Alan R. Carroll

Development and Economic Significance of Springer-Britt Sandstone, Eakly Field, Caddo, Custer, and Washita Counties, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

James R. Walker

Relation of Lower Morrow Sandstone and Porosity Trends to Chester Paleogeomorphology, Persimmon Creek Field Area, Woodward County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Webster

Geology of Puryear Member of Upper Morrow Formation at Cheyenne Field, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Daniel L. Willingham