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Long-Term Trends in Oil and Gas Discovery Rates in Lower 48 United States

Thomas J. Woods

Physical Modeling of Sedimentation Adjacent to Diapirs and Comparison with Late Precambrian Oratunga Breccia Body in Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia

N. M. Lemon

Well Log and Seismic Character of Tertiary Terumbu Carbonate, South China Sea, Indonesia

J. Andrew May , Daryl R. Eyles

Depositional Model for Understanding Geometry of Cretaceous Coals: Major Coal Seams, Rock Springs Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming

Raymond A. Levey

K/Ar Dating of Time of Gas Emplacement in Rotliegendes Sandstone, Netherlands

Mingchou Lee, James L. Aronson, Samuel M. Savin

Thermal Evolution of Coastal California with Application to Hydrocarbon Maturation

Henry P. Heasler, Ronald C. Surdam

Thermal Subsidence and Generation of Hydrocarbons in Michigan Basin: DISCUSSION

H. A. Illich, P. L. Grizzle

Thermal Subsidence and Generation of Hydrocarbons in Michigan Basin: REPLY

J. A. Nunn , N. H. Sleep , W. E. Moore

Conley Field, Hardeman County, Texas: Chappel (Mississippian) Production from Facies-Selective Porosity in Carbonate-Sand Buildups: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, J. Kurt Walters

Effects of Diagenesis on Reservoir Properties in Lobo Sandstones, Webb County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Steven C. Alexander, Thomas T. Tieh, Robert R. Berg

Diagenesis of Knox Group (Cambrian-Ordovician) Carbonates Exposed Along Alligator Creek, Bibb County, Alabama: ABSTRACT

E. C. Batchelder

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Development and Quality, Smackover Formation of Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson

Origin of Woodbine-Eagle Ford Reservoir Facies, Kurten Field, Brazos County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, John T. Leethem

Variations in Gulf Coast Heat Flow Created by Ground-Water Flow: ABSTRACT

Daniel P. Bodner, Paul E. Blanchard, John M. Sharp, Jr.

Seismic Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Mississippi Fan: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma, James M. Coleman

Distribution of Crust and Early History, Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, Dale S. Sawyer

Reinterpretation of Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platform on Abaco Knoll, Northern Bahamas: ABSTRACT

William Corso, Wolfgang Schlager, Erik Fluegel, Richard T. Buffler

Historical Seismicity of Texas--A Summary: ABSTRACT

Scott D. Davis, W. D. Pennington, S. M. Carlson

Structural Investigation and Tectonic History of East-Central Parras Basin, Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

George J. Dillman, John F. Casey

Depositional Environments of Wilcox Lignites in Choctaw and Winston Counties, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Darren S. Dueitt, Franz Froelicher, Samuel W. Rosso

Geologic Effects of Hurricane Alicia on Upper Texas Coast: ABSTRACT

William R. Dupre

Depositional Systems and Distribution of Cotton Valley Blanket Sandstones in Northern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Lori G. Eversull

Geomorphology and Morphologic Development of Ebb-Dominated Tidal Inlet on Microtidal, Wave-Dominated Texas Coast: ABSTRACT

Andrew D. Eyer

Alluvial Architecture of Channel Belt Margins of Mississippi River, False River Region, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

K. M. Farrell

Improving Interpretation of SAR Imagery for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development in Gulf Coast by Modifying Data Acquisition Conditions: Three Case Histories: ABSTRACT

Allen M. Feder, Harold R. Huth

Depositional Environments of Sunniland Formation and Diagenetic Characteristics of Productive Facies, Lehigh Park Field, Florida: ABSTRACT

Robin J. Ferber, Brian E. Lock

Depositional Influences in Sandstone Diagenesis of Lower Cretaceous Hosston Formation, Marion and Walthall Counties, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Gordon W. Fielder, Mark P. Distefano, Jay N. Shearer

Depositional Framework of Early Miocene (Fleming) Episode, Northwest Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

Submarine Canyon System in Frio Formation of South Texas: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in East-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

S. Gartner, M. J. Jiang

Relationship Between Test Morphology and Bathymetry in Recent Bolivina albatrossi Cushman, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Anthony C. Gary

Prolific Overton Field Gas Reservoirs Within Large Transverse Oolite Shoals, Upper Jurassic Haynesville, Eastern Margin of East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

W. G. Glynn, T. E. Covington, R. G. Lighty, W. M. Ahr

Preliminary Paleomagnetic Investigations of Winnfield Salt Dome Cap Rock, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Wulf A. Gose, J. Richard Kyle, Mark R. Ulrich

Exploring Lower Tuscaloosa in Southwest Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Ralph D. Gruebel

Proposed Stratigraphic Classification of Wilcox Group of South Texas: ABSTRACT

Richard N. Hargis

Diagenesis of Lower Tuscaloosa as Seen in du Pont de Nemours 1 Lester Earnest, Harrison County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

James H. Hearne, Brian E. Lock

Submarine Fan Diversion by Tectonic Processes--Magdalena Fan and Slope, Southern Caribbean: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Hoover, Don G. Bebout

Reconstructing Paleoenvironments of Jameson (Strawn) Reef Field, Coke County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Kenneth W. Hopkins, Wayne M. Ahr

Seismic Stratigraphy of Winedale Prospect: Updip Wilcox Trend, Onshore Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

W. Allen Huckabay

Sedimentary and Geochemical Systems in Transitional Marine Sediments in Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Wayne C. Isphording, John A. Stringfellow, George C. Flowers

Fluvial Responses to Hydrologic Changes on Red River in Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

J. Jacobs

Diagenesis of Cotton Valley Sandstones, Catahoula Creek Field, Southern Mississippi: ABSTRACT

J. S. Janks, T. Sanness, B. A. Rasmussen

Evaluation of Radioelement Geochemistry for Detection of Petroleum Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

D. Jay Johnson, Jerry Alliger, Robert K. Aaker

Long-Term Effects of In-Situ Leach-Mining Restoration in Oakville Aquifer System near George, West Texas, with Implications for Shallow Waterflooding: ABSTRACT

Jim Kingston

Ocular Sinuses in Genera of Ostracod Family Trachyleberididae: ABSTRACT

Mervin Kontrovitz

Deeply Buried Tertiary Sand Bodies in Northern Gulf of Mexico: Examples from Lower Hackberry (Oligocene) and Houma Embayments (Miocene): ABSTRACT

Elisabeth C. Kosters

Transgressive-Regressive Cycles and Environments of Coal Deposition in Upper Cretaceous Strata of Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas M. Lehman

Interdomal Sediment Ponding: A New Lower Hackberry Play?: ABSTRACT

Donn Levie, Jr.

Lyles Ranch Field, South Texas: Production from an Astrobleme?: ABSTRACT

Donn Levie, Jr.

Early Evolution of Salt Structures in North Louisiana Salt Basin: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey J. Lobao, Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Tectonic Transpression in Northeastern Mexico: Its Relation to Sea-Floor Spreading in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jose F. Longoria

Bay-Margin Sand Distribution, North Texas Coast: Model for Sediment Distribution in Microtidal Bays and Lagoons: ABSTRACT

Karen M. Love, Henry S. Chafetz, Lawrence Bruno, Chris Buczynski

Application of Pleistocene Climate Models to Gulf Coast Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie, M. L. McDaniel-Lowrie

Ostracoda of Cretaceous-Tertiary Contact Sections in Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Rosalie F. Maddocks

Plate Tectonic Controls of Hydrocarbon Traps in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

Morad Malek-Aslani

Upper Jurassic Norphlet Hydrocarbon Potential Along Regional Peripheral Fault Trend in Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, Robert M. Mink, Bennett L. Bearden

Sources of Pleistocene and Holocene Sand for Northeast Gulf of Mexico Shelf and Mississippi Fan: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo, Charles Bates

Fluid-Flow Patterns in Central Tuscaloosa Trend, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Richard P. McCulloh

Foraminifers of Lower Ojinaga Formation (Cretaceous), Southern Quitman Mountains, Hudspeth County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles L. McNulty, Daniel S. Neybert, Donald F. Reaser

Petrology of Sunniland, Forty Mile Bend, and Bear Island Fields of South Florida: ABSTRACT

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Magnetotelluric Soundings in Ouachita Thrust Belt of Central Texas: ABSTRACT

J. G. Muncey, W. J. Ehni

Correlation of Beds Within Ferry Lake Anhydrite of Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey G. Pittman

Modern Foraminiferal Species Diversity Patterns vs. Tidal Response: Louisiana-Mississippi Salt Marshes: ABSTRACT

Marilyn A. Plitnik, Paul R. Krutak

Isotopic Characteristics of Brines from Three Oil and Gas Fields, Southern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Posey, Audrey L. Workman, Jeffrey L. Hanor, Stephen D. Hurst

Subsurface Lignite Occurrence in Wilcox Group, Northeast Louisiana and Northwest Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Mark D. Purcell, George F. Hart, Charles G. Groat

Correlation of Cenozoic Sediments on Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf: Galveston Area Offshore Texas to Vermilion Area Offshore Louisiana (Part 1): ABSTRACT

J. Courtney Reed, William E. Sweet, C. L. Leyendecker, Abdul S. Khan

Local Carbonate Production on a Terrigenous Shelf: ABSTRACT

R. Rezak

Foraminiferal Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of Blufftown Formation (Santonian-Campanian) of Georgia and Eastern Alabama: ABSTRACT

Rashel N. Rosen

Diagenesis by Kohout Convection in Carbonate Platform Margins: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Simms

Environments of Sand Deposition, Southwest Louisiana Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

John R. Suter, H. L. Berryhill, Jr., Shea Penland

Petrology and Sedimentology of Mississippi Fan Cores, DSDP Leg 96: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Thayer, Harry H. Roberts

Effects of Diagenesis on Reservoir Properties and Log Response, Upper Jurassic Taylor Sandstone, Cotton Valley Group: ABSTRACT

Michael Trojan

Pleistocene Meander-Belt Ridge Pattern near Houston, Texas: ABSTRACT

Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Regional Organic Geochemistry of Offshore Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Clifford C. Walters, Mary Rose Cassa

Thermal Regimes of Balcones-Ouachita Trend, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Duncan Foley

Evidence for Large-Scale Vertical Migration of Dissolved Fatty Acids in Louisiana Oil Field Brines: Iberia Field, South-Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Audrey L. Workman, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Shelf-Margin Deltaic Sediment Deposited on Diapir-Controlled Slope: Pleistocene of Garden Banks Area, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. F. Zaengle

Great Stone Dome--Great Disappointment?: ABSTRACT

Roger V. Amato, Anthony C. Giordano

Anchizone Metamorphism in Triassic Sedimentary Rocks of the Newark Basin, Pennsylvania-New Jersey: ABSTRACT

Diana Bermingham

The Barhamsville Unit: An Intertidal to Fluvial Sequence Between Yorktown and Windsor Formations, Southeastern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Carl R. Berquist, Jr., Kelvin W. Ramsey

Sedimentology of Mississippian Price Delta in Southeastern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Bjerstedt, Thomas W. Kammer

Regional Analysis of Distribution of Catskill Deltaic Sands in Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Ray M. Boswell

Sedimentology of Loyalhanna Member ("Big Injun Sand") of Mississippian Greenbrier Limestone: ABSTRACT

Cindy Carney, Richard Smosna

PRESTO--A Program for Estimating Oil and Gas Resources: ABSTRACT

George B. Carpenter

Origin of Quartzarenites in Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian of Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

C. Blaine Cecil, Kenneth J. Englund

Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Unconformity near Somerset, South-Central Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Jay C. Close, Wayne D. Martin

Structural Styles and Tectonic Implications of Richmond-Taylorsville Rift System, Eastern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Bruce Cornet

Mesozoic Biostratigraphic Framework of U.S. Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Harold L. Cousminer, William E. Steinkraus, Raymond E. Hall

Geologic Evaluation of Leasing on Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

George Dellagiarino, Edward Ruiz

Penetration Rates in Drilling Pioneer Salt Wells: ABSTRACT

Wallace De Witt, Jr.

Lithostratigraphic Analysis of Huntersville Chert of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Alan C. Donaldson, Dale Skoff

Interpretation of Soil Gas Geochemical Anomalies at Rose Hill Oil Field, Lee County, Virginia: ABSTRACT

Edgar S. Driver, Robert V. Brodine

Arsenic Concentration Variability and Inorganic Affinity for Selected Coal Beds of Central Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Frank T. Dulong, C. Blaine Cecil

The Mid-Atlantic Mesozoic Paleoshelf Edge: Carbonate Buildup or Reef?: ABSTRACT

Gary M. Edson

Pennsylvania Anthracite Mining Industry: A Past--and a Future?: ABSTRACT

Jane R. Eggleston

Microcomputers in Earth Science: ABSTRACT

Ralph Eicher, Gene Tolbert, William Smith, William G. Murray

The Richlands Channel--Part of an Early Pennsylvanian Depocenter in East-Central Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Englund, Roger E. Thomas

Exploratory Drilling in Northern Newark Basin, New Jersey: ABSTRACT

Michael S. Fedosh

Upper and Middle Devonian Stratigraphy of Northwestern West Virginia "Devonian Shale" Play: ABSTRACT

Jon Filer

Setting of Early Ordovician (Arenigian) Carbonate Sedimentation in Appalachian Basin: Arid Climatic Epicontinental Seas Interrupted by Intermittent Conditions of Emergence: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Applications of Surface Geochemical Prospecting for Shale Gas Exploration in Western Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Darioush T. Ghahremani, Philip O. Banks

Carolina Slate Belt: A Review of Thoughts of Its Age and Position in Appalachian Orogene: ABSTRACT

G. G. Gibson

Early Mesozoic Lacustrine Sedimentation in Culpeper Basin, Virginia, and in Deep River Basin, North Carolina: A Comparative Study: ABSTRACT

Pamela J. W. Gore

Evidence for Dominance of Normal Dip-Slip Motion on Segment of Flemington Fault in Newark Basin of New Jersey: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Hozik

Petrology, Porosity, and Permeability of Berea Sandstone (Mississippian), Perry Township, Ashland County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Dana S. Jackson

Stratigraphy of Yorktown (Lower and Middle Pliocene) and Chowan River (Upper Pliocene) Formations in Southeastern Virginia: ABSTRACT

G. H. Johnson, L. W. Ward, P. C. Peebles

Tectonic Influence on Late Devonian Sedimentation near Cincinnati Arch, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Roy C. Kepferle, James D. Pollock

Depositional Environments and Sedimentology of Vinita Beds, Richmond Basin, Virginia: ABSTRACT

I. E. Kornfeld, Robert E. Weems

Organic Geochemical Investigations of Eastern U.S. Early Mesozoic Basins: ABSTRACT

R. K. Kotra, P. G. Hatcher, E. C. Spiker, L. A. Romankiw, R. M. Gottfried, L. M. Pratt, A. K. Vuletich

Interpretation of Natural Controls on Devonian Shale Gas Production from Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Joseph P. Lemon, John B. Curtis

Coal Occurrence in Progradational Deltaic Sequence, Raleigh County, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Leonard J. Lentz, Victor V. Cavaroc

En Echelon Folds: A Case History from Jacksonwald Syncline of Foreland Folds in Newark Rift Basins of Eastern North America: ABSTRACT

Mark Lucas, Warren Manspeizer, Joseph Hull

Structural Complexity Associated with Transfer Zone: An Example from Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Lutz, Nicholas B. Woodward

Lineaments in Richmond Triassic Basin Area, Virginia: A Kinematic Model: ABSTRACT

Richard D. Lutz, Ramesh Venkatakrishnan

Correlations of Coal Beds near Allegheny-Conemaugh Contact in Tri-State Area of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Paul C. Lyons, William F. Outerbridge, M. Devereux Carter

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Structure of Sauk Sequence of Northern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Mark U. Maki, Alan H. Coogan

Genesis of Phosphatic Sediments in Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician), Southeastern Indiana and Southwestern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Anthony J. Martin, Wayne D. Martin, John K. Pope

Depositional Trends of Clinton Section in East-Central Ohio: ABSTRACT

D. W. Martin, A. H. Coogan, R. Shadrach, B. A. Urian, A. Wieckowski

Relationship of Fracture-Induced Gas Reservoirs to Stratigraphic Controls in Eastern Devonian Shales: ABSTRACT

R. David Matthews

Sedimentology, Diagenesis, and Porosity Development of Middle Silurian Lockport Dolomite, Johnson County, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Timothy C. Maxwell, Richard Smosna

Variations in Diatom Abundance in Chesapeake Group (Miocene-Pliocene) in Maryland and Virginia: A Reflection of Changes in Water Circulation and Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Lucy McCartan, George Andrews

Subsurface Geology of the Pamlico Sound Area, Coastal North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Richard B. McKinney, Victor V. Cavaroc, Charles C. Almy

X-Radiography of New Albany and Chattanooga Shales (Devonian) Along Cincinnati Arch in Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Timothy R. McKinsey, Roy C. Kepferle

In-Situ Elemental Analysis of Coal and Strategic Metals by Neutron Activation: ABSTRACT

Jon L. Mikesell, Frank E. Senftle, Allan B. Tanner

Thermal Maturation and Burial History Processes in Lower Mesozoic Sediments of North Atlantic Georges Bank Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Miller, D. M. Schultz, H. E. Lerch, D. Ligon, Jr., P. Bowker

Miocene Calvert and Choptank Formations in Inner Coastal Plain of Virginia: A Record of Marine Onlap and Late Cenozoic Deformation: ABSTRACT

R. B. Mixon, G. W. Andrews, L. W. Ward, D. S. Powars

Comparison of Cubitostrea (Mollusca, Bivalvia) Assemblages from Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains: ABSTRACT

Christina C. Morrell, Lauck W. Ward

Detailed Deposystem Analysis of Reservoir Sandstones of Catskill Delta, North-Central West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Cetin H. Mumcuoglu, Alan C. Donaldson

Eastover (Upper Miocene) and Yorktown (Lower Pliocene) Formations in Virginia--Tracking a Shifting Depocenter: ABSTRACT

Wayne L. Newell, Eugene K. Rader

Significance of Great Lateral Extent of Thin Units in Newark Supergroup (Lower Mesozoic, Eastern North America): ABSTRACT

Paul E. Olsen

New Method for Interpreting Coal-Forming Environments of Deposition: ABSTRACT

John Christopher Ossi

Kirkwood Formation and Cohansey Sand of New Jersey: Age and Spatial Relation to Chesapeake Group of Virginia and Maryland: ABSTRACT

J. P. Owens

Folds Along Junction of Central and Southern Appalachian Trends in Southeastern West Virginia and Adjacent Virginia: ABSTRACT

Ronald A. Parker, John M. Dennison

Sedimentary Basin Analysis of Middle Ordovician Limestones in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Patchen, Richard Smosna

Early Days Along Oil Creek, Pennsylvania (1859-1865): ABSTRACT

Samuel T. Pees

Mapping Paleostructures from Time-Related Aeromagnetic Lineaments and Photolineaments: ABSTRACT

Rex M. Peterson

Depositional Supersequences Among Cenozoic Strata of U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

C. Wylie Poag

Proposed Model for Interaction Between Basement Structures and Folds in Cover Rocks of Central and Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Howard A. Pohn

Provenance of Selected Sandstones and Mud Rocks of Dunkard Group (Upper Pennsylvanian-Permian) in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

M. A. Rendina, Wayne D. Martin

Fluvial Model for Deposition of Basal Pennsylvanian Quartzarenite in Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Rice

Modern Continental Rifts: Characteristics and Applications to Recognition of Ancient Rifts: ABSTRACT

Eleanora Iberall Robbins

Petroleum as an Ore-Bearing Fluid: A Hypothesis: ABSTRACT

Eleanora Iberall Robbins

Mapping of Fracture Zones by Helium Emanometry and Possible Relationship of Helium Anomalies to Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Western Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Alan A. Roberts, John B. Roen

Faulting in Triassic Gettysburg Basin, Pennsylvania and Maryland: ABSTRACT

Samuel Root

Thermal Maturity of Newark Supergroup Basins from Vitrinite Reflectance and Clay Mineralogy: ABSTRACT

Steven Schamel, Iris G. Hubbard

Schurflingsfensters in Pulaski Thrust Sheet and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential: ABSTRACT

Arthur P. Schultz, Donald E. Anders

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Part of Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation in Black Warrior Basin, Alabama and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Helen M. Sestak

Structural Geology of Delsignore 1: A Central Eastern Overthrust Well: ABSTRACT

Roy S. Sites

Sandstone and Conglomerate Shoreline Deposits in Triassic-Jurassic Newark and Hartford Basins of Newark Supergroup: ABSTRACT

Joseph P. Smoot, Peter M. Letourneau, Christine E. Turner-Peterson, Paul E. Olsen

Petrology of Basal Conglomerate of Triassic Pekin Formation, Sanford Subbasin, North Carolina: ABSTRACT

Julie W. Stagg, Daniel A. Textoris, Walter H. Wheeler

Washability Characteristics of Facies of Upper Freeport Coal Bed: Homer City, Pennsylvania Area: ABSTRACT

Ronald W. Stanton, Brenda S. Pierce, C. Blaine Cecil, Francis Martino

Central Appalachian Cross-Strike Structural Discontinuities and Lineaments Compiled on Side-Looking Airborne Radar Image Mosaics: ABSTRACT

C. Scott Southworth

Productive Continental Block-Fault Deposits of a Mesozoic Back-Arc Basin: ABSTRACT

Ruth E. Steelman, Victor V. Cavaroc, Alphonso R. Guidici

Petrology of Upper Mississippian Denmar Formation, Greenbrier Group, East-Central West Virginia: ABSTRACT

E. M. Sullivan, D. A. Textoris

Deformation Domains Around Burning Springs Anticline of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Joe Sweeney

Petrographic Trend-Surface Analysis of Martinsburg Sandstones of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Significance and Implications: ABSTRACT

Joseph M. Talkiewicz, Gary G. Lash

Depositional and Structural Histories of Richmond and Taylorsville Triassic Rift Basins: ABSTRACT

G. Kendall Taylor, Robert Ressetar

Sedimentary Silica in Newark Basins of Eastern United States: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Textoris

Petrology, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Potential of Upper Triassic Dan River Group Sandstones, North Carolina and Virginia: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Thayer

Environmental Controls on Accumulation of Thick, Low-Sulfur Coal (Peat) in Lower Pennsylvanian Pocahontas Formation, Virginia and West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Roger E. Thomas, Kenneth J. Englund

Paleopalynological Insights on Dating of Newark Supergroup Rocks and Their Correlation with European Sections: ABSTRACT

Alfred Traverse

Basement Controls on Lineament-Block Tectonics of Coastal Plain Province in Virginia: ABSTRACT

Ramesh Venkatakrishnan, T. Britt McMillan

Late Tertiary Evolution of Salisbury Embayment: ABSTRACT

L. W. Ward

Development and Geology of Harlem Gas Field, Delaware County, Ohio: An Ordovician Carbonate Exploration Model: ABSTRACT

Lawrence H. Wickstrom, John D. Gray

Three-Dimensional Structural Interrelationships Within Cambrian-Ordovician Lithotectonic Unit of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Thomas H. Wilson, Robert C. Shumaker

Seismic Detection of Fractured Reservoirs: A Case Study of a Devonian Shale Gas Field in West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Thomas H. Wilson, David E. Swimm

Lower and Middle Cambrian Shady Dolomite Above the St. Clair Thrust Fault, Tazewell County, Virginia: ABSTRACT

John F. Windolph, Jr.

Transition from Clastic to Peat Sedimentation in Appalachian Basin Pennsylvanian Swamps in West Virginia and Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Christopher Wnuk

Thick-Skinned, Thin-Skinned, and Balanced Sections of Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Nicholas B. Woodward, Peter T. Regan, Charles T. Lutz

Newark Rift System: A Potentially Prolific Hydrocarbon Province: ABSTRACT

Daniel G. Zeigler, Bruce Cornet