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Regional Source Rock Potential of Lacustrine Oligocene Kishenehn Formation, Northwestern Montana

Joseph A. Curiale , Steven W. Sperry , Joseph T. Senftle

Marine Geology of Sohm Basin, Canadian Atlantic Margin

Cynthia J. Ebinger , Brian E. Tucholke

Geometry and Facies of Stacked Shallow-Marine Sandier Upward Sequences Dissected by Erosion Surface, Cardium Formation, Willesden Green, Alberta

Roger G. Walker, Carolyn H. Eyles

Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of Middle Proterozoic McArthur Basin, Northern Australia II: Assessment of Source Rock Potential

I. H. Crick , C. J. Boreham , A. C. Cook , T. G. Powell

Porosity Reduction in Sandstone by Quartz Overgrowth: DISCUSSION

J. H. Fang, P. B. Visscher, A. M. J. Davis

Porosity Reduction in Sandstone by Quartz Overgrowth: DISCUSSION

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Porosity Reduction in Sandstone by Quartz Overgrowth: REPLY

Frederic Leder, Won C. Park

Diagenetic Mineral Reactions Reveal Rates of Fluid Movement and Timing of Oil Emplacement: ABSTRACT

James R. Boles

Stratigraphy from Three-Dimensional Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Alistair R. Brown

Fluctuating Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sea Levels and Implications for Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Bilal U. Haq

Development Geology of Giant Fields on Alaskan North Slope: Key to Successful Reservoir Management: ABSTRACT

Naresh Kumar

Generation, Migration, and Entrapment of Hydrocarbons on Southern Norwegian Shelf: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Leonard

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Controls on Carbonate Platform Development--Case Study from Permian of West Texas-New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. F. (Rick) Sarg

Carbonate Platforms, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Sea Level: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang Schlager

Reservoir Description for Exploration and Development: What is Needed and When?: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Sneider

Laramide Basin Subsidence and Basement Uplift in Rocky Mountain Foreland of Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James R. Steidtmann

Pore Throats to Plate Margins: An Integrated Approach to Basin Analysis: ABSTRACT

Christine Turner-Peterson

Lateral Fluid Flow in a Compacting Sand-Shale Sequence: South Caspian Basin: ERRATUM

John D. Bredehoeft, Rashid D. Djevanshir, Kenneth R. Belitz


John J. Amoruso