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Glenn Pool Field, Oklahoma: A Case of Improved Production from a Mature Reservoir

Dennis R. Kerr, Liangmiao “Scott” Ye, Asnul Bahar, B. Mohan Kelkar, and Scott L. Montgomery

Modeling a Vuggy Carbonate Reservoir, McElroy Field, West Texas

Kaveh Dehghani, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Kelly A. Edwards, William T. Dees

A Conceptual Tectonostratigraphic Model for Seismic Facies Migrations in a Fluvio-Lacustrine Extensional Basin

Uwe Strecker, J. R. Steidtmann, S. B. Smithson

Diagenetic Evolution of Clay Minerals in Oil-Bearing Neogene Sandstones and Associated Shales, Mahakam Delta Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Norbert Clauer, Thierry Rinckenbach,Francis Weber,Frédéric Sommer, Sam Chaudhuri, James R. O’Neil

The Perdido Fold Belt, Northwestern Deep Gulf of Mexico, Part 1: Structural Geometry, Evolution and Regional Implications1

Bruce D. Trudgill, Mark G. Rowan, J. Carl Fiduk, Paul Weimer, Peter E. Gale, Bryant E. Korn, Ronald L. Phair, William T. Gafford, Geneva R. Roberts, Steven W. Dobbs

Application of NMR Logging to Reservoir Characterization of Low-Resistivity Sands in the Gulf of Mexico1

M. A. Hodgkins and J. J. Howard

Depositional Origin and Facies Variability of a Middle Triassic Barrier Island Complex, Peejay Field, Northeastern British Columbia1

Mark L. Caplan and Thomas F. Moslow

Spectral Gamma-Ray Logging for Facies Discrimination in Mixed Fluvial-Eolian Successions: A Cautionary Tale

Colin P. North and Martijn Boering

Model for Hydrocarbon Microseepage and Related Near-Surface Alterations

Donald F. Saunders, K. Ray Burson, C. Keith Thompson