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Recent depositional patterns of the Nile deep-sea fan from echo-character mapping

L. Loncke, V. Gaullier, G. Bellaiche, J. Mascle

Computing permeability of fault zones in eolian sandstone from outcrop measurements

Herve Jourde, Eric A. Flodin, Atilla Aydin, Louis J. Durlofsky, Xian-Huan Wen

Architecture and sequence stratigraphy of Pleistocene fluvial systems in the Malay Basin, based on seismic time-slice analysis

Andrew D. Miall

An upwelling model for the Phosphoria sea: A Permian, ocean-margin sea in the northwest United States

David Z. Piper, Paul Karl Link

The petroleum system of the central Perija fold belt, western Venezuela

Oswaldo Gallango, Enrique Novoa, Asdrubal Bernal

Reactivation of mature oil fields through advanced reservoir characterization: A case history of the Budare field, Venezuela

Douglas S. Hamilton, Noel Tyler, Roger Tyler, Sandra K. Raeuchle, Mark H. Holtz, Joseph Yeh, Moises Uzcategui, Toribio Jimenez, Anna Salazar, Carmen E. Cova, Roberto Barbato, Alberto Rusic

Massive recrystallization of low-Mg calcite at high temperatures in hydrocarbon source rocks: Implications for organic acids as factors in diagenesis

Ezat Heydari, William J. Wade

Carboniferous coals of the Zonguldak basin (northwest Turkey): Implications for coalbed methane potential

M. Namik Yalçin, Sedat Inan, Gülbin Gürdal, Ulrich Mann, Rainer G. Schaefer

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