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The lower Aptian Shuaiba carbonate outcrops in Jebel Akhdar, northern Oman: Impact on static modeling for Shuaiba petroleum reservoirs

J. Borgomano, J.-P. Masse, S. Al Maskiry

Quantitative evaluation of the oil-leg potential in the Oliver gas field, Timor Sea, Australia

M. Lisk, G. W. O'Brien, P. J. Eadington

A new depositional model for the classical turbidite locality at San Clemente State Beach, California

Hilario Camacho, Cathy J. Busby, Ben Kneller

Note on the importance of hydrocarbon fill for reservoir quality prediction in sandstones

Ann M. E. Marchand, P. Craig Smalley, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Anthony E. Fallick

Diagenesis associated with cooling during burial: An example from Lower Cretaceous reservoir sandstones (Sirt basin, Libya)

A. Ceriani, A. Di Giulio, R. H. Goldstein, C. Rossi

Sonic velocity, submarine canyons, and burial diagenesis in Oligocene-Holocene cool-water carbonates, Gippsland Basin, southeast Australia

Malcolm W. Wallace, Guy R. Holdgate, Jim Daniels, Stephen J. Gallagher, Andrew Smith

The gas-bearing Devonian Presqu'ile Dolomite of the Cordova embayment region of British Columbia, Canada: Dolomitization and the stratigraphic template

David W. Morrow, Mengwei Zhao, Lavern D. Stasiuk

Karst-controlled diagenesis and reservoir development: Example from the Ordovician main-reservoir carbonate rocks on the eastern margin of the Ordos basin, China

Baoqing Wang, Ihsan S. Al-Aasm

Late orogenic strike-slip faulting and escape tectonics in frontal Dinarides-Hellenides, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Albania, and Greece

Frank J. Picha

Structural models of faulted detachment folds

Shankar Mitra

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