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Integrated core-log petrofacies analysis in the construction of a reservoir geomodel: A case study of a mature Mississippian carbonate reservoir using limited data

Saibal Bhattacharya, John H. Doveton, Timothy R. Carr, Willard R. Guy, Paul M. Gerlach

A comparison of the geoscientific, nontechnical, and soft skills needed by service-industry geoscientists with those required by oil-company geoscientists

C. P. M. Heath

Digital characterization of thrombolite-stromatolite reef distribution in a carbonate ramp system (terminal Proterozoic, Nama Group, Namibia)

Erwin W. Adams, John P. Grotzinger, Wesley A. Watters, Stefan Schrder, David S. McCormick, Hisham A. Al-Siyabi

Controls on the quality of Archean metamorphic and Jurassic volcanic reservoir rocks from the Xinglongtai buried hill, western depression of Liaohe basin, China

Jinglan Luo, Sadoon Morad, Zhigang Liang, Yushuang Zhu

Charging of Elk Hills reservoirs as determined by oil geochemistry

John E. Zumberge, Judy A. Russell, Stephen A. Reid

Nature of a regional dogleg pattern in maturity profiles from Thrace basin, northwestern Turkey: A newly discovered unconformity or a thermal anomaly?

Ozkan Huvaz, Hasan Sarikaya,mr M. Nohut

Anatomy of a world-class source rock: Distribution and depositional model of Silurian organic-rich shales in Jordan and implications for hydrocarbon potential

S. Lning, Y. M. Shahin, D. Loydell, H. T. Al-Rabi, A. Masri, B. Tarawneh, S. Kolonic

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