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History of the Newark East field and the Barnett Shale as a gas reservoir

David F. Martineau

Geologic framework of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Barnett-Paleozoic total petroleum system, Bend archFort Worth Basin, Texas

Richard M. Pollastro, Daniel M. Jarvie, Ronald J. Hill, Craig W. Adams

Lithofacies summary of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Mitchell 2 T.P. Sims well, Wise County, Texas

James J. Hickey, Bo Henk

Oil and gas geochemistry and petroleum systems of the Fort Worth Basin

Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, John Zumberge, Mitchell Henry, Richard M. Pollastro

Unconventional shale-gas systems: The Mississippian Barnett Shale of north-central Texas as one model for thermogenic shale-gas assessment

Daniel M. Jarvie, Ronald J. Hill, Tim E. Ruble, Richard M. Pollastro

Modeling of gas generation from the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Ronald J. Hill, Etuan Zhang, Barry Jay Katz, Yongchun Tang

Barnett Shale gas production, Fort Worth Basin: Issues and discussion

Kent A. Bowker

Thermal maturity of the Barnett Shale determined from well-log analysis

Hank Zhao, Natalie B. Givens, Brad Curtis

Total petroleum system assessment of undiscovered resources in the giant Barnett Shale continuous (unconventional) gas accumulation, Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Richard M. Pollastro

Mississippian Barnett Shale: Lithofacies and depositional setting of a deep-water shale-gas succession in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel

Natural fractures in the Barnett Shale and their importance for hydraulic fracture treatments

Julia F. W. Gale, Robert M. Reed, Jon Holder

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