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Determining the source and genetic fingerprint of natural gases using noble gas geochemistry: A northern Appalachian Basin case study

Andrew G. Hunt, Thomas H. Darrah, Robert J. Poreda

Quantitative outcrop characterization of an analog to weakly confined submarine channel systems: Morillo 1 member, Ainsa Basin, Spain

Jeremiah D. Moody, David R. Pyles, Julian Clark, Renaud Bouroullec

Characterization of a deeply buried paleokarst terrain in the Loppa High using core data and multiattribute seismic facies classification

Jhosnella Sayago, Matteo Di Lucia, Maria Mutti, Axum Cotti, Andrea Sitta, Kjetil Broberg, Artur Przybylo, Raffaele Buonaguro, Olesya Zimina

Three-dimensional modeling study of the low-permeability petroleum system of the Bakken Formation

Philipp P. Kuhn, Rolando di Primio, Ronald Hill, James R. Lawrence, Brian Horsfield

Controls of basement faults on the geometry and evolution of compressional basement-involved structures

Debapriya Paul, Shankar Mitra

Deltaic process and architectural evolution during cross-shelf transits, Maastrichtian Fox Hills Formation, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Mariana I. Olariu, Cristian R. Carvajal, Cornel Olariu, Ronald J. Steel

Effect of phycosiphoniform burrows on shale hydrocarbon reservoir quality

MaƂgorzata Bednarz, Duncan McIlroy

Thermal effects of Zechstein salt and the Early to Middle Jurassic hydrothermal event in the central Polish Basin

Gary W. Zielinski, Pawel Poprawa, Jan Szewczyk, Izabella Grotek, Hubert Kiersnowski, Robyn L. B. Zielinski

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