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The discovery and significance of a sedimentary hiatus within the Carboniferous Taiyuan Formation, northeastern Ordos Basin, China

Zaixing Jiang, Jie Xu, Guoting Wang

High-resolution ultrasonic measurements as proxies to resolve clastic reservoir heterogeneity in a salt-cemented gas reservoir

Claudio Miro Filomena, Harald Stollhofen, Kees van Ojik

Source rock contributions to the Lower Cretaceous heavy oil accumulations in Alberta: A basin modeling study

Luiyin Alejandro Berbesi, Rolando di Primio, Zahie Anka, Brian Horsfield, Debra K. Higley

Integration of geology, rock physics, logs, and prestack seismic data for reservoir porosity estimation

Abdulaziz M. AlMuhaidib, Mrinal K. Sen, M. Nafi Toksoz

Fracture evolution in oil-producing sills of the Rio Grande Valley, northern Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Jan Witte, Massimo Bonora, Carlos Carbone, Onno Oncken

Impact of arid surface megacracks on hydrocarbon reservoir properties

Philipp Antrett, Anna Alexandra Vackiner, Peter Kukla, Norbert Klitzsch, Harald Stollhofen

Reservoir systems of the Pennsylvanian lower Atoka Group (Bend Conglomerate), northern Fort Worth Basin, Texas: High-resolution facies distribution, structural controls on sedimentation, and production trends

Tucker F. Hentz, William A. Ambrose, David L. Carr

Light volatile liquid and gas shale reservoir potential of the Cretaceous Shaftesbury Formation in northeastern British Columbia, Canada

Gareth R. L. Chalmers, R. Marc Bustin

Outcrop analog for Trenton–Black River hydrothermal dolomite reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York

Brian E. Slater, Langhorne B. Smith Jr.

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