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Faulting and fracturing in shale and self-sourced reservoirs: Introduction

David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, Peter H. Hennings, David E. Haddad

Natural fractures in shale: A review and new observations

Julia F. W. Gale, Stephen E. Laubach, Jon E. Olson, Peter Eichhubl, András Fall

The role of seismic attributes in understanding the hydraulically fracturable limits and reservoir performance in shale reservoirs: An example from the Eagle Ford Shale, south Texas

Robert Bodziak, Kit Clemons, Andy Stephens, Robert Meek

Geomechanical modeling of hydraulic fracturing: Why mechanical stratigraphy, stress state, and pre-existing structure matter

Kevin J. Smart, Goodluck I. Ofoegbu, Alan P. Morris, Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill

Deformation conditions for fracturing in the Middle Devonian sequence of the central Appalachians during the Late Paleozoic Alleghenian orogeny

Mark A. Evans, Amanda DeLisle, Jeremy Leo, Christopher J. Lafonte

Characterization and development of subsurface fractures observed in the Marcellus Formation, Appalachian Plateau, north-central Pennsylvania

Scott Wilkins, Van Mount, Keith Mahon, Andrew Perry, Jon Koenig

The concept of joint saturation and its application

Yunhui Tan, Thomas Johnston, Terry Engelder

Failure of cap-rock seals as determined from mechanical stratigraphy, stress history, and tensile-failure analysis of exhumed analogs

E. S. Petrie, J. P. Evans, S. J. Bauer

Failure modes of shales and their implications for natural and man-made fracture assemblages

Atilla Aydin

Natural fractures in a United Kingdom shale reservoir analog, Cleveland Basin, northeast England

Jonathan Imber, Howard Armstrong, Sarah Clancy, Susan Daniels, Liam Herringshaw, Ken McCaffrey, Joel Rodrigues, João Trabucho-Alexandre, Cassandra Warren

Geomechanics of hydraulic fracturing microseismicity: Part 1. Shear, hybrid, and tensile events

Seth Busetti, Wenjie Jiao, Ze’ev Reches

Geomechanics of hydraulic fracturing microseismicity: Part 2. Stress state determination

Seth Busetti, Ze’ev Reches

Control of mechanical stratigraphy on bed-restricted jointing and normal faulting: Eagle Ford Formation, south-central Texas

David A. Ferrill, Ronald N. McGinnis, Alan P. Morris, Kevin J. Smart, Zachary T. Sickmann, Michael Bentz, Daniel Lehrmann, Mark A. Evans

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