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Prediction of channel connectivity and fluvial style in the flood-basin successions of the Upper Permian Rangal coal measures (Queensland)

Jennifer Y. Stuart, Nigel P. Mountney, William D. McCaffrey, Simon C. Lang, John D. Collinson

A surprising asymmetric paleothermal anomaly around El Gordo diapir, La Popa Basin, Mexico

Andrew D. Hanson

Fault displacement-distance relationships as indicators of contractional fault-related folding style

Amanda N. Hughes, John H. Shaw

Evaluation of hydrocarbon generation and migration in the Molasse fold and thrust belt (Central Eastern Alps, Austria) using structural and thermal basin models

Juergen Gusterhuber, Ralph Hinsch, Reinhard F. Sachsenhofer

Sequence stratigraphy of the Eocene turbidite reservoirs in Albacora field, Campos Basin, offshore Brazil

Andre De Gasperi, Octavian Catuneanu

Subsalt pressure prediction in the Miocene Mad Dog field, Gulf of Mexico

Michael P. Merrell, Peter B. Flemings, Glenn L. Bowers

A geochemical context for stray gas investigations in the northern Appalachian Basin: Implications of analyses of natural gases from Neogene-through Devonian-age strata

Fred J. Baldassare, Mark A. McCaffrey, John A. Harper

Geologic and baseline groundwater evidence for naturally occurring, shallowly sourced, thermogenic gas in northeastern Pennsylvania

Brent Wilson

Gas saturation and CO2 enhancement potential of coalbed methane reservoirs as a function of depth

Yves Gensterblum, Alexej Merkel, Andreas Busch, Bernhard M. Krooss, Ralf Littke

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