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Athabasca oil sands: Megatrap restoration and charge timing

Richard S. J. Tozer, Albert P. Choi, Jeffrey T. Pietras, Donald J. Tanasichuk

The petrophysical and petrographical properties of hyaloclastite deposits: Implications for petroleum exploration

Tim J. Watton, Kirstie A. Wright, Dougal A. Jerram, Richard J. Brown

Geometry, kinematics, and displacement characteristics of tear-fault systems: An example from the deep-water Niger Delta

Nathan P. Benesh, Andreas Plesch, John H. Shaw

Sequence stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Shamokin (Union Springs) Member, Marcellus Formation, and associated strata in the middle Appalachian Basin

Daniel Kohl, Rudy Slingerland, Mike Arthur, Reed Bracht, Terry Engelder

Evolution of shelf-margin clinoforms and deep-water fans during the middle Eocene in the Sorvestsnaget Basin, southwest Barents Sea

Polina A. Safronova, Sverre Henriksen, Karin Andreassen, Jan Sverre Laberg, Tore O. Vorren

Constraining the origin of reservoirs formed by sandstone intrusions: Insights from heavy mineral studies of the Eocene in the Forties area, United Kingdom central North Sea

Andrew Morton, Sean McFadyen, Andrew Hurst, Jeff Pyle, Philip Rose

Integrated reservoir characterization and simulation of a shallow, light-oil, low-temperature reservoir: Umiat field, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska

Catherine L. Hanks, Grant Shimer, Iman Oraki Kohshour, Mohabbat Ahmadi, Paul J. McCarthy, Abhijit Dandekar, Joanna Mongrain, Raelene Wentz

Compositional controls on early diagenetic pathways in fine-grained sedimentary rocks: Implications for predicting unconventional reservoir attributes of mudstones

Joe H. S. Macquaker, Kevin G. Taylor, Margaret Keller, David Polya

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