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Three-dimensional printing for geoscience: Fundamental research, education, and applications for the petroleum industry

Sergey Ishutov, T. Dawn Jobe, Shuo Zhang, Miguel Gonzalez, Susan M. Agar, Franciszek J. Hasiuk, Francesca Watson, Sebastian Geiger, Eric Mackay, Richard Chalaturnyk

The hydrocarbon trap distribution patterns of the simple dip area of a continental basin: A case study from the western slope of the Songliao basin, China

Hongyu Wang, Xuesong Fan, Tailiang Fan, Yunchao Hou

The effect of oil emplacement on quartz cementation in a deeply buried sandstone reservoir

Richard H. Worden, Mohammed Bukar, Philip Shell

Diagenesis of an evaporite-related carbonate reservoir in deeply buried Cambrian strata, Tarim Basin, northwest China

Lei Jiang, Richard H. Worden, Chun Fang Cai, Anjiang Shen, Stephen F. Crowley

Geomechanical restoration as a tool for fractured reservoir characterization: Application to the Permian Basin, west Texas

Joseph M. Stockmeyer, John H. Shaw, Lee T. Billingsley, Andreas Plesch, Michael Wales, Leore C. Lavin, Ray Knox, Luke Finger

Geochemical, petrographical, and petrophysical evaluations of a heterogeneous, stratiform dolomite from a Barremian oil field, offshore Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Kazuyuki Yamamoto, Gary Ottinger, Osama Al Zinati, Hideko Takayanagi, Koshi Yamamoto, Yasufumi Iryu

Coupling accumulation model with gas-bearing features to evaluate low-rank coalbed methane resource potential in the southern Junggar Basin, China

Chenghua Ou, Chaochun Li, Dongming Zhi, Lie Xue, Shuguang Yang

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