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Heat flow and thermal conductivity measurements in the northeastern Pennsylvania Appalachian Basin depocenter

Chelsea Rauch, Kyle Barrie, Steven C. Collins, Matthew J. Hornbach, Casey Brokaw

Origin, source, mixing, and thermal maturity of natural gases in the Panyu lower uplift and the Baiyun depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea

Hongwei Ping, Honghan Chen, Junzhang Zhu, Simon C. George, Lijun Mi, Xiong Pang, Puqiang Zhai

An integrated approach to define new plays in mature oil basins: The example from the Middle Magdalena Valley basin (Colombia)

P. Cabello, C. Lopez, N. Gamba, M. I. Dussán, E. Torres, C. I. Ballesteros-Torres, M. T. Cantisano, N. Marfisi, R. Calvo, Y. M. Vázquez-Taset, E. Ramos

Organic geochemical characteristics, mineralogy, petrophysical properties, and shale gas prospects of the Wufeng–Longmaxi shales in Sanquan Town of the Nanchuan District, Chongqing

Yijun Zheng, Yuhong Liao, Yunpeng Wang, Yongqiang Xiong, Ping’an Peng

An approach for three-dimensional quantitative carbonate reservoir characterization in the Pampo field, Campos Basin, offshore Brazil

Danilo Jotta Ariza Ferreira, Wagner Moreira Lupinacci

Variation of in situ stress regime in coal reservoirs, eastern Yunnan region, South China: Implications for coalbed methane production

Wei Ju, Bo Jiang, Qi Miao, Jilin Wang, Zhenghui Qu, Ming Li

Organic matter network in post-mature Marcellus Shale: Effects on petrophysical properties

Claudio Delle Piane, Julien Bourdet, Matthew Josh, M. Ben Clennell, William D. A. Rickard, Martin Saunders, Neil Sherwood, Zhongsheng Li, David N. Dewhurst, Mark D. Raven

Application of horizontal wells in three-dimensional shale reservoir modeling: A case study of Longmaxi–Wufeng shale in Fuling gas field, Sichuan Basin

Guochang Wang, Shengxiang Long, Yiwen Ju, Cheng Huang, Yongmin Peng

Evaluation of a workflow to derive terrestrial light detection and ranging fracture statistics of a tight gas sandstone reservoir analog

Patrick Wüstefeld, Maite de Medeiros, Bastian Koehrer, Dominik Sibbing, Leif Kobbelt, Christoph Hilgers

Oligocene shallow-water lacustrine deltas of the Baxian sag of Bohai Bay Basin, eastern China: Depositional response during rift-to-thermal tectonic subsidence transition

Chuanyan Huang, Hua Wang, Hongwei Zhang, Jianping Wu, Yingjie Liu

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