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A revised Triassic stratigraphic framework for the Arctic Alaska Basin

Katherine J. Whidden, Julie A. Dumoulin, William A. Rouse

Petroleum resources in the Nanpu sag, Bohai Bay Basin, eastern China

Fujie Jiang, Xiongqi Pang, Longlong Li, Qiaochu Wang, Yuexia Dong, Tao Hu, Lijun Chen, Jian Chen, Yingxun Wang

Controls on minibasin infill in the Nordkapp Basin: Evidence of complex Triassic synsedimentary deposition influenced by salt tectonics

Luis Alberto Rojo, Alejandro Escalona

Oil distribution in outcropping carbonate-ramp reservoirs (Maiella Mountain, Central Italy): Three-dimensional models constrained by dense historical well data and laboratory measurements

Lorenzo Lipparini, Fabio Trippetta, Roberta Ruggieri, Marco Brandano, Alessandro Romi

2015 US Geological Survey assessment of undiscovered shale-gas and shale-oil resources of the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Bend arch–Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Kristen R. Marra

Hydrocarbon-generation potential of upper Eocene Enping Formation mudstones in the Huilu area, northern Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Junwen Peng, Xiongqi Pang, Hesheng Shi, Huijie Peng, Shuang Xiao

The equivalent pore aspect ratio as a tool for pore type prediction in carbonate reservoirs

François Fournier, Matthieu Pellerin, Quentin Villeneuve, Thomas Teillet, Fei Hong, Emmanuelle Poli, Jean Borgomano, Philippe Léonide, Alex Hairabian

Organic geochemistry of the Eagle Ford Group in Texas

Andrea A. Miceli Romero, Thanh Nguyen, R. Paul Philp

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