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New directions in an established gas play: Promising dolomite reservoirs in the Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation of the Sichuan Basin, China

Dengfa He, Yongsheng Ma, Yingqiang Li, Shunli Wu

Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Cooper Basin, Australia

Lisa S. Hall, Tehani J. Palu, Andrew P. Murray, Christopher J. Boreham, Dianne S. Edwards, Anthony J. Hill, Alison Troup

Shelf-edge delta overreach at the shelf break can guarantee the delivery of terrestrial sediments to deep water at all sea-level stands

Chenglin Gong, Ronald J. Steel, Yingmin Wang, Michael L. Sweet, Benzhong Xian, Qiang Xu, Bingjie Zhang

Investigation of permeability change in ultradeep coal seams using time-lapse pressure transient analysis: A pilot project in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Alireza Salmachi, Erik Dunlop, Mojtaba Rajabi, Zahra Yarmohammadtooski, Steve Begg

Structural characterization of intracratonic strike-slip faults in the central Tarim Basin

Shang Deng, Huili Li, Zhongpei Zhang, Jibiao Zhang, Xin Yang

Toward a global model for correction of bottomhole temperature data: Progress and limitations

Tala Maria Aabø, Christian Hermanrud

Enhancement of organic matter maturation because of radiogenic heat from uranium: A case study from the Ordos Basin in China

Fan Zhang, Yangquan Jiao, Liqun Wu, Hui Rong, Jinhua Li, Dun Wan

A quantitative probabilistic framework for estimating the critical moment in a petroleum system

Adewale Amosu, Yuefeng Sun

A study of hydrogeology and its effect on coalbed methane enrichment in the southern Junggar Basin, China

Haijiao Fu, Dazhen Tang, Zhejun Pan, Detian Yan, Shuguang Yang, Xinguo Zhuang, Guoqing Li, Xing Chen, Gang Wang

Potassium-argon timing of episodic mica and illite crystallization in highly indurated Hassi Messaoud (Algeria) hydrocarbon-bearing sandstones

Norbert Clauer, Horst Zwingmann, Andrew Todd, Amélie Aubert

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