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A model for porosity evolution in shale reservoirs: An example from the Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Tian Dong, Nicholas B. Harris, Julia M. McMillan, Cory E. Twemlow, Brent R. Nassichuk, David L. Bish

Biochronology, paleoenvironments, and stratigraphic sequences of the late Albian–middle Eocene fore-arc Vizcaino basin, western Baja California, Mexico

Javier Helenes, Arturo Martin-Barajas, Juan G. Flores-Trujillo, Iraida Paredes, Maritza Canache, Ana-Luisa Carreño, Adriana Miranda

How marine incursion influences the quality of lacustrine source rocks: The Paleogene Nanxiang Basin, eastern China

Liuwen Xia, Jian Cao, Shouzhi Hu, Shuifu Li

The influence of mechanically weak layers in controlling fault kinematics and graben configurations: Examples from analog experiments and the Norwegian continental margin

Roy H. Gabrielsen, Heleen Zalmstra, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Ernst Willingshofer, Jan Inge Faleide, Hanna Lima Braut

Quantitative assessment of karst pore volume in carbonate reservoirs

Fermín Fernández-Ibáñez, Paul J. Moore, Gareth D. Jones

Upper Jurassic structure and evolution of the Yucatán and Campeche subbasins, southern Gulf of Mexico

Michael R. Hudec, Ian O. Norton

Flow pathway and evolution of water and oil along reverse faults in the northwestern Sichuan Basin, China

Changyu Fan, Alvar Braathen, Zhenliang Wang, Xiaoqiang Zhang, Suiying Chen, Nana Feng, Aiguo Wang, Lei Huang

Tectonic evolution of petroleum systems within the onshore Llanos Basin: Insights on the presence of Orinoco heavy oil analogs in Colombia and a comparison with other heavy oil provinces worldwide

A. Mora, Diego Fernando García-Bautista, A. Reyes-Harker, M. Parra, V. Blanco, N. Sánchez, F. de la Parra, V. Caballero, G. Rodriguez, C. Ruiz, J. Naranjo, E. Tesón, F. Niño, I. Quintero, N. Moreno, Eduardo Cardozo, Nestor Gamba, Brian K. Horton, Juan Pablo Arias-Martinez

Water flow, oil biodegradation, and hydrodynamic traps in the Llanos Basin, Colombia

Andrés Mora, Ricardo Andrés Gomez, Camilo Diaz, Victor Caballero, Mauricio Parra, Carlos Villamizar, Alvaro Lasso, Richard A. Ketcham, Felipe Gonzalez-Penagos, John Rico, Juan Pablo Arias-Martinez

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