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Detrital zircon ages: A key to unraveling provenance variations in the eastern Yinggehai–Song Hong Basin, South China Sea

Ce Wang, Xinquan Liang, David A. Foster, Xirong Liang, Chuanxin Tong, Ping Liu

Generation and evolution of overpressure caused by hydrocarbon generation in the Jurassic source rocks of the central Junggar Basin, northwestern China

Xiaowen Guo, Sheng He, Keyu Liu, Zhi Yang, Shengqiang Yuan, Mingliang Liu

Architecture, geomorphology, and sediment gravity flows of a Jurassic subaqueous clinoform system, northeast Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf, Australia

Peng Chen, Chris Elders

Thermal properties of sedimentary rocks in the Tarim Basin, northwestern China

Xianglan Li, Shaowen Liu, Changge Feng

Charging of Carboniferous volcanic reservoirs in the eastern Chepaizi uplift, Junggar Basin (northwestern China) constrained by oil geochemistry and fluid inclusion

Xiangchun Chang, Yue Wang, Bingbing Shi, Youde Xu

Sequence stratigraphy and coal accumulation of Lower Cretaceous coal-bearing series in Erlian Basin, northeastern China

Shuai Wang, Longyi Shao, Dongdong Wang, Qinping Sun, Bin Sun, Jing Lu

From trash to treasure: Three-dimensional basement imaging with “excess” data from oil and gas explorations

Doyeon Kim, Larry D. Brown

Formation and preservation of a giant petroleum accumulation in superdeep carbonate reservoirs in the southern Halahatang oil field area, Tarim Basin, China

Guangyou Zhu, Alexei V. Milkov, Zhiyao Zhang, Chonghao Sun, Xiaoxiao Zhou, Feiran Chen, Jianfa Han, Yongfeng Zhu

Geochemical investigations of the Woodford–Chattanooga and Fayetteville Shales: Implications for genesis of the Mississippi Valley–type zinc–lead ores in the southern Ozark Region and hydrocarbon exploration

Bryan Bottoms, Adriana Potra, John R. Samuelsen, Stephen R. Schutter

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