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Alternative workflow for three-dimensional basin modeling in areas of structural complexity: Case study from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia

Román Eugenio González, Carlos Orlando Suárez, Iván Camilo Higuera, Luis Ernesto Rojas

Deformation of organic matter and its effect on pores in mud rocks

Guochang Wang

Nuclear magnetic resonance and x-ray microtomography pore-scale analysis of oil recovery in mixed-porosity carbonates

Hubert King, Michael Sansone, John Dunsmuir, Nicole Callen, Pavel Kortunov, Ye Xu, Antonio Buono, Bo Gao, James Kralik

Parameterizing parasequences: Importance of shelf gradient, shoreline trajectory, sediment supply, and autoretreat

R. Bruce Ainsworth, Jamie B. McArthur, Simon C. Lang, Adam J. Vonk

Feasibility of limestone reservoirs as a carbon dioxide storage site: An experimental study

Arshad Raza, Raoof Gholami, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Lithofacies and depositional mechanisms of the Ordovician–Silurian Wufeng–Longmaxi organic-rich shales in the Upper Yangtze area, southern China

Yangbo Lu, Fang Hao, Yongchao Lu, Detian Yan, Shang Xu, Zhiguo Shu, Yuxuan Wang, Lanyu Wu

Carbonate rocks: Matrix permeability estimation

Alejandro Cardona, J. Carlos Santamarina

Randomness, serendipity, and luck in petroleum exploration

Alexei V. Milkov, William C. Navidi

Characterizing the growth of structures in three dimensions using patterns of deep-water fan and channel systems

Jessica Don, John H. Shaw, Andreas Plesch, Daniel D. Bridgwater, Gbenga Lufadeju

A method to evaluate pore structures of fractured tight sandstone reservoirs using borehole electrical image logging

Liang Xiao, Junran Li, Zhiqiang Mao, Hongyan Yu

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