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Petroleum migration and accumulation: Modeling and applications

Xiaorong Luo, Likuan Zhang, Yuhong Lei, Wan Yang

Underpressure in the northern Barents shelf: Causes and implications for hydrocarbon exploration

T. Birchall, K. Senger, M. T. Hornum, S. Olaussen, A. Braathen

Diagenetic alteration, pore-throat network, and reservoir quality of tight gas sandstone reservoirs: A case study of the upper Paleozoic sequence in the northern Tianhuan depression in the Ordos Basin, China

Shifa Zhu, Xiaomin Zhu, Ye Jia, Hang Cui, Wenyu Wang

Provenance of Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous synrift strata in the Terra Nova oil field, Jeanne d’Arc basin, offshore Newfoundland: A new detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf reference frame for the Atlantic Canadian margin

Alexander D. Hutter, Luke P. Beranek

Insight into pore-throat size distribution and the controls on oil saturation of tight sandstone reservoirs using nuclear magnetic resonance parameters: A case study of the Lower Cretaceous Quantou Formation in the southern Songliao Basin, China

Kelai Xi, Yingchang Cao, Ke Li, Keyu Liu, Rukai Zhu, Beyene Girma Haile

Documenting the geometry and magnitude of shortening at the Allegheny Front: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States

Ashley Ace, Nadine McQuarrie, Peter B. Sak, Robert Grundy, Barrett Lavergne

Calcite vein system and its importance in tracing paleowater flow and hydrocarbon migration in the Ordovician carbonates of the Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, China

Lianqi Jia, Chunfang Cai, Zhenliang Wang, Hongxia Li, Lijing Liu, Qingyong Luo, Lei Jiang

Comparison of diagenetic characteristics and pore evolution in outcrops and cores of tight sandstone reservoirs in the Triassic Yanchang Formation, the Ordos Basin, China

Zongquan Hu, Herong Zheng, Wei Yin, Chunyan Liu, Chuanxiang Sun, Christopher Xiao, Fubin Wang, Song Li, Chunfang Chen

Application of horizontal wells in three-dimensional shale reservoir modeling: A case study of Longmaxi–Wufeng shale in Fuling gas field, Sichuan Basin: Discussion

Zhijun Yin, Y. Zee Ma, Ernest Gomez, Shengli Li

Application of horizontal wells in three-dimensional shale reservoir modeling: A case study of Longmaxi–Wufeng shale in Fuling gas field, Sichuan Basin: Reply

Guochang Wang, Shengxiang Long, Yiwen Ju, Cheng Huang, Yongmin Peng

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